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How do tire

How to make a tire

Suddenly flat tire very few people will take the joy, especially sitting at the wheel of the car.

Loss of time, hassle and dirt? these are just some of the? joy ?, which accompany the punctured tire wheel.

You will need

  • Rubber patch,
  • sandpaper,
  • benzine 50 g
  • adhesive rubber.



But often cases where pressure dropbus connected with her previous poor-quality repairs. As shown, the common causes of re-repair the tire is punctured seal using flagella. The technology of sealing the hole in the tire flagellum is really good, but only when it is fully observed, and not because we have accepted. In a hurry, but still under pressure in the wheel.


A more reliable repair of tubeless tires onCompared with the flagellar repair is carried out by means of plugging the holes, by imposing on the puncture rubber patches on the inner surface of the tire.


To restore the tightness of the wheel previously marked with chalk the puncture site. Then, it must be dismantled, removed from the tires prokolovshy object or its residue.


The area around the puncture on the inside surfacetires thoroughly cleaned with emery paper (you can use an electric drill with a special tip). Buffed surface is treated with unleaded petrol, and after it has dried, place the future location of the patches covered with a thin layer of glue.


On the patch is removed the protective film, after which it is applied to the puncture site, and then use the roller patch carefully rolled up to the surface of the tire.


The recommended way to repair the wheel tires,more reliable. This is confirmed by the fact that shops operating tire mounting operation, refuse to use flagella for repairing punctures and universally apply patches to restore the integrity of the wheels.

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