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TIPS piercer

Tips piercer

This article is not meant to scare you.

I just want to draw the attention of all those who want to do the piercing on the "pitfalls". Adhering to these tips, you will not only decorate your body, but do not purchase health problems.

In recent years, a wholesale worldwidepassion for piercings. No one is surprised by the pierced lip or nose. In this regard, the Internet began to appear a number of different tips and tricks, how to do the piercing. In walking go and sewing needles, and alcohol, and cologne. Once the piercing is done, "happy" owners of this type of decorations happily upload photos to the network. Many professional hair stand on end with such a spectacle. I will list a few tips that will be helpful to all who want to get pierced.
To start, decide - are you ready for thisresponsibility? Almost no one can answer clearly to the questions "Do I need a body piercing?", "Will I be able to care for him?", "Will I be patient?". Such people do the piercing, just forget about it. They begin to neglect hygiene and sanitation measures (for example, do not touch the piercing with dirty hands), and then, with the appearance of the effects, delaying a hike to the master piercer or doctor to the last. Of course, everyone thinks that they accurately "blow over".
Select a location on the body piercing. Professional athlete or just a fan of fitness is not worth doing in the navel piercing - piercing in certain physical exercises will be injured, and this has a negative impact not only on the appearance of a puncture, but also on the duration of the healing.
After you answer yourself to thesequestions should go to the choice of interior, where you will do the piercing. First of all pay attention to the institution's reputation: a hairdressing salon, where "Aunt Asya" makes piercing sewing needles, will not work. It is advisable to choose a salon, where the master will be a certificate confirming his knowledge, as well as its extensive portfolio. Only in this case you can not worry about their health.
In conclusion, I wish once again to draw your attentionto care for the piercing. It is needed. As a means to care for puncture is best suited solution miramistina or chlorhexidine. In no case do not use alcohol, vodka, different colognes and other means - so you only hurt yourself, stretching the terms puncture wound.
You can not dirty hands (and the opinionprofessional piercer, hands are always dirty) pull decoration, to feel the puncture or attempt to replace an earring - so you 80 percent chance of infection teach the codes in not healed puncture. Subsequently, it can cause inflammation and other troubles.
P.S. Herself as a child faced with them. I had to be treated by a surgeon in a few weeks. And all because of the fact that climbed dirty hands in the newly pierced ears.
If you're a fan of extreme kinds of body piercing,such as tunnels, for example, take care of changing the decorations during the cold season: it is best to wear tunnels or plug made of acrylic and wood. When wearing metal ornaments winter may well appear frostbite (skin around the tunnel will turn black, the sensitivity will disappear, and a type of treatment, in this case, would be amputation).
Doing a professional piercing salon, consult with the master plan of care and wearing jewelry. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to ask questions, because at stake is your health.

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