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TIPS novice drivers

Tips novice drivers

Cherished driving license warms your heart and flatters vanity, but the treacherous tremor in his knees prevents you to enjoy self-drive? There is nothing wrong!

Remember that no one has ever been born with the ability to drive a car and all drivers were once beginners.

Do not be afraid to admit their inexperience.

Over time will come and the confidence and experience!

And here you are at the wheel of his car, but not nearinstructor, who will tell the correct maneuver or presses the brake pedal when you are distracted and not notice any disturbance to the right. Scares? Do not be afraid of independence, just need to remember that you are now - participant of traffic that follows the rules. Throw away your fears and doubts and bolder get behind the wheel! Rule №1 Before the trip, make sure of serviceability of lighting devices of your car, check the level of technical fluids, adjust the seat to a comfortable fit, and do not forget about the rear-view mirror. They will help you to monitor the situation on the road. Always wear your seat belt, even in the very short trip! Let this be your good habit, conditioned reflex: behind the wheel - Buckle up! Rule №2 first trip is best spent on the road with not very heavy traffic. So you will be able to more fully control the situation. In addition, if you are first time behind the wheel of your car, you need to study its habits. Yes, every car has its own demeanor. Some are whimsical, some good behavior - but in any case you should be able to understand and hear his "iron friend". And believe me, finding a mutual understanding with your machine, you will be rewarded with a lot of pleasure from driving. Rule №3 No talking on the mobile phone! Even headset distracts and disperses your attention. If the call is urgent, it is best to stop and talk on the phone. The music is also better not to include loud, let the best music for you to be the work of the engine! Rule №4 Be sure to use the sign of a beginner - an exclamation point in a yellow box - no need to be ashamed of his inexperience. With this sign, you warn other road that your reaction is not quite automatic, and does not always you can quickly assess the situation. Place of life: at the traffic lights, if you hesitated to start driving, you'll be much less likely to audibly signal if the rear window is a sign of this. Rule №5 For the first time is better to plan your route, mentally drawing his movement on it. And then you have confidence will go through it in reality. And yet, a little trick: self-driving is better to start in the summer to the winter, you already feel much more confident behind the wheel of your iron friend! Good luck on the road!

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