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ADVICE to novice drivers


Tips for novice drivers</a>

A treasured driver's license warms your heart and amuses you, but the treacherous trembling in your knees prevents you from enjoying self-driving? In this there is nothing to worry about!

Remember that no one was born with the ability to drive a car, and all drivers were once beginners.

Do not be afraid to admit your inexperience.

Over time, will come and confidence and experience!

And here you are at the wheel of your car, but there is no nextThe instructor who will prompt the necessary maneuver or press a brake pedal when you will distract and will not notice a hindrance on the right. Frightening? Do not be afraid of independence, you just need to remember that now you are a member of the automobile movement, which obeys the Rules. Drop your fears and doubts and boldly drive! Rule number 1 Before the trip, make sure that the lights of your car are working properly, check the level of technical fluids, adjust the seat for a comfortable fit and do not forget about the rear-view mirrors. They will help you to monitor the situation on the road. Be sure to wear your seat belt, even before the shortest trip! Let it become your good habit, conditioned reflex: sat behind the wheel - fasten! Rule number 2 The first trip is best spent on the road with not very intensive traffic. So you can more fully control the situation. In addition, if you are driving your car for the first time, you need to study its habits. Yes, every car has its own way of behaving. Some are capricious, some behave flawlessly - but in any case you must be able to understand and hear your "iron friend". And believe me, having found mutual understanding with my car, you will be rewarded with a lot of pleasure from driving. Rule number 3 No conversations on the mobile phone! Even the headset distracts and dispels your attention. If the call is urgent, it's best to stop and talk on the phone. It's also better not to include music loudly, even if the best music for you is the work of the engine! Rule number 4 Be sure to use the sign of the beginner - an exclamation point in the yellow square - do not be shy about your inexperience. With this sign, you warn the other participants in the movement that your reaction is not yet completely automatic, and you can not always quickly assess the situation. Note from life: at the traffic lights, if you are lagging with the beginning of traffic, you will be much less likely to signal with a sound if there is a sign on the rear window. Rule number 5 At first, it is better to plan your route in advance, mentally drawing your own movement along it. And then you will more confidently move on it in reality. And yet, a little trick: independent driving is better to start in the summer, so that by winter you already feel much more confident at the wheel of your iron friend! Good luck on the roads!

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