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TIPS for the Development of a small bathroom


Bathroom small - an urgent problem for the majority of urban residents. Especially sharply this question costs for owners of apartments in the so-called "Khrushchev".

However, regardless of the type of home and living conditions, they all want to make your home the most comfortable and attractive for himself and his family.

When decorating small bathrooms is bestuse a muted, neutral and bright colors for the decoration of the ceiling and walls. Dark colors finishes and furniture in dark colors visually narrow the room and create the effect of a certain stiffness. Bathroom - the premise that people usually attends in the morning, which means that the room should be charged positive mood and not waft the sad thoughts. Psychologists have found that it is capable of creating light shades positive mood for the whole day.

Closely bathroom mirror will be very relevantsurface. The mirror is able to visually expand the space and increase. Lockers for bathroom accessories with stylish mirrored doors can be a great solution for those whose bathroom is not is large. These cabinets can accommodate everything you need: gels, shampoos, toothpastes. After removing all unnecessary, it is possible to avoid the effect of clutter and give the impression of spaciousness.

Properly organized and thoughtful lightingIt can also help in the design of a small bathroom. A very good solution may be placing lamps above the sink on either side of the mirror. This method allows to visually make the room larger. In addition, good lighting will allow the bathroom to apply makeup, make masks and other cosmetic procedures. Another option - the installation of a powerful lamp over a large mirror.
It is important when you make a bathroom (thisWith regard to both small and large facilities) use a special furniture. Modern manufacturers today offer a wide range of very convenient and compact bathroom furniture. Screen for bath, vanity wash basin, wall shelves - all these elements of furniture made in the bright tint range, allow to accommodate a lot of necessary items.

Modern showers installed inSmall bathrooms are a great option to free up additional space. Moreover, that the modern pace of life makes the use of showers simply necessary, it's not always find extra time to soak in the hot tub and take a shower, you can quickly and without hassle.

Combining bathroom and toilet allows you to create a large and comfortable room. Thus, by combining these two premises can free up additional space for a washing machine.

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