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TIPS for footwear

Tips for footwear

Every day when worn shoes feeling the effects of the environment: temperature changes, dirt, rain, dust.

If the shoe does not properly and timely care, it quickly deteriorate.

You will need

  • - Brush for skin-
  • - Brush nubuka-
  • - shoe polish-
  • - Sprays for nubuck.



To clean the shoes of smooth skin, use a soft brush. With its help remove dirt from the skin, then wipe with a damp material, and then a dry cloth.


If the leather shoes is very dirty, wash it with cool water. After that, wipe and treat the protective shoe polish.


To clean the shoes of nubuck, usespecial eraser or brush. Clean such products only in dry, wipe the soleplate with a damp cloth. After cleaning nubuck, treat it with a special spray or impregnation.


Dry shoes only at room temperature. Do not put it on the battery or used for drying other heating devices.


Shoes do not lose shape, if you store it in special blocks. Instead of shoes, you can use the following trick - to fill the boots or shoes dry crumpled paper.

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