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Tips for nail care

Healthy, beautiful, well-groomed nails

Beautiful, healthy, strong, well-groomed nails - one of our best decorations!

Try to observe some simple tips on nail care, so that they always look great and pleasing to you.



Protect your hands. Use a cream that suits your skin. In cold weather, wear mittens or gloves. When applying the cream on the skin, do not forget about the nails: the cream creates a protective film on the surface of the nails. Upon contact with cleaning agents (cleaning bath, sink), use rubber gloves. Wash the dishes, wipe the dust and wash the floors in the same gloves.


Eat right. Meals should be regular, balanced and varied. For the beauty and strength of nails especially useful products such as cheese, milk, dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and seafood. Drink more water: pure water, tea and coffee are not considered. You can also drink vitamin complexes, whose composition, along with other vitamins include calcium, vitamins A and E (a vitamin complex will help you choose a doctor).


Take care of nails. Regularly (1-2 times per week) do baths for hands: for example, with sea salt. Just nail beauty baths are useful with the addition of olive oil and lemon juice. The average duration of such a procedure: 10-15 minutes. By the way, even if you just wipe nails with warm olive oil and do it regularly, you will soon notice a positive effect. After the bath, lubricate your hands with a nourishing cream. It is recommended to regularly apply iodine on the nail plate - dizenfitsiruet, protects against fungus and strengthens.


Right thing to do manicures. Beauticians are advised to always file nails in one direction rather than moving the nail file back and forth. Emery boards recommend the use of glass - it is very carefully sawed a fingernail. File nails needed when they are dry (i.e., before treatment baths, such as, but not after). Adjust the cuticles gently, using special tools.


Remove nail tool-free acetone. Do not paint your nails immediately, as soon as the nail removed: allow them some time to rest. Use high-quality nail polish. Apply protective varnish (base) coating.


Use protective coatings for nails(For example, a transparent enamel). There is a line of therapeutic coatings for nails: and strengthen, and promote the growth and nutrients, and many others. Find a tool that is right for you, or consult a beautician.

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