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Tips for installing toilets with their own hands

Tips for installing toilets with their own hands

Older toilets - not uncommon in many homes. After all, we built the building for a long time, and the change of plumbing involved, not all the new owners of apartments when you move.

It is believed that there are plumbing works, and well.

However, over time the toilet starts getting worse and worse - bad drain, whistles and leaks.

Naturally, in this case it requires urgent repairs, which in the presence of certain skills can be performed independently.

Experts offer their tips for self-installing toilets. Listening to him, you may well be able to carry out plumbing repairs yourself.

How can I change the toilet

The first thing to look for plumbing fixtures and look at the issue of configuration. As a rule, toilets are of three types: straight, oblique or horizontal configuration.

Called direct output, looking directly at the floorfrom the toilet bowl. Squint - the release is located at an angle of 45 degrees. Horizontal -, respectively, with a horizontal release form parallel to the floor. Then you can go to the store for a new toilet.

If you plan to change in parallel and pipe, then you will not necessarily be interested in the configuration of an existing toilet. In the shop you will pick up a set of sellers themselves.

After returning from the store, and you can turn off the waterproceed to install the toilet. About the water do not forget, otherwise arrange the flood, and the procedure for replacing a toilet is delayed. Also drain the water from the tank.

Installation begins with removing the old toilet. To begin, remove the tank. Destroy earthenware plumbing is not worth it - at risk to get hurt. Carefully unscrew all the bolts. If they do not have a hacksaw sawing near the junction sites. Then turn off the toilet seat and a toilet bowl slowly pull out of the socket.

After the release pipe (of course,if you are not going to change it), smooth out the edges of the release of residues, rust and other unnecessary items that may interfere with the installation of sanitary equipment.

If the floor where there was a toilet, rough, pre-installation of a new defect that must be corrected. Fill it with concrete or some other solution that will equip the flat area.

Now you're ready to install a newtoilet. Place it and try to make in the sewer pipe. If not appropriate, it is necessary to use an additional assistant nastavku issue with the displaced center. Buy it needs separately. By using such devaysa toilet can be a push, and push a couple of centimeters.

Immediately the toilet does not attach. To get started, try to try on a tank. After all, sometimes you have to move the toilet, if the tank is too wide.

If all is well and you are comfortable, startstrengthen the toilet in place. Place it, make a mark for screws and remove the device. Drill a hole into which will tighten the screws directly into the floor. It is desirable to further apply the sealant along the contour of the installation, which will protect the floor from moisture under the toilet. Put the toilet and tighten the bolts. Try to make it so that the device is not staggering, but not cracked.

Next - cistern. Using the instructions, gather the drain structure and place it inside. Put the tank on the toilet and tighten the bolts. It only remains to connect the water pipes and check how it works.

What should be taken into account

If you want to change not only the toilet seat, but alsoand pipe, it is not necessary to take up the matter yourself, unless you have special knowledge. Otherwise, you risk getting a real catastrophe and a universal then in your closet. In addition, repair the consequences can cost you a pretty penny.

If you are going to change the old toilet with a new onelook different video instructions that will help you to visually assess the scale and scope of work. And psychologically, it will be easier if you already have a visual representation of how this is done.

Pre pobespokoytes to acquire allconsumables - cement, sealant, epoxy resin, etc. When to change the toilet in the apartment, nabete hand, can offer their services to friends, acquaintances and relatives. What Takes You mounting the toilet for the first time, do not tell anybody. But it is better not to hurry.

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