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Tips for Choosing Colors

Tips for Choosing Colors

Flowers is the best gift for the woman.

Flowers like nothing else can tell us about the feelings of the giver. But often, the choice of colors puts men into a blind alley.

By tradition, men give roses.

But how many women, so many preferences, as flowers in the world a great many and they are all beautiful.

The easiest way - is to ask the woman about her favorite colors.

But if this is not possible, then here are some tips that may be useful to you.



Rose give better if youYou feel sincere feelings and want to tell us about his passion to his girlfriend. Lily talk about affection, admiration and sympathy. If a girl makes you just such feelings, then you can safely give her a bouquet of roses. But do not forget that these flowers have a strong flavor and can cause allergies.


At the very beginning of the relationship taken to presentbouquets of roses. After all, they symbolize modesty, good humor and flirtation. Carnations are traditionally presented to men, because they are a symbol of a woman's love. But if you present them a woman, too, nothing terrible is not.


Sheer elegance - orchid flower, decided to givea sign of love. Also, they are the epitome of charm and dreams. Chrysanthemums and irises give for any occasion. Iris on the language of flowers means wisdom, hope, trust, and faith, and chrysanthemum - joy, love and happiness.


An important role is played by a bunch of flowers. The white color indicates purity, youth and innocence. Red tells about the passionate love, passion. The yellow color of the flower is usually associated with separation and parting, but it is not. Yellow - a symbol of the sun, which means joy and fun. Just keep in mind that not everyone likes him. Pink bouquet symbolizes the thrill, fondness, respect for women. This bouquet can give any lady, regardless of reason and her age.


The number of colors is also important. Their number will tell the true feelings of the giver. One flower will tell the girl that she is the meaning of life for men. Three flowers speak of a man ready to go for it at the end of the world. Five colors - a declaration of love. Bouquet of nine flowers offered a female friend.

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