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Tips for Choosing a jigsaw

Tips for Choosing a jigsaw

Jigsaw - is a tool that has universal cutting capabilities.

Use it to cut wood, various types of plastics, plasterboard, non-ferrous metals, ceramic tiles and other materials.

What should I look for when buying a jigsaw

Choosing an electric jigsaw for your personaluse and work at home, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: power, speed control speed pendulum action mechanism, a way of sawing attachment, connection to a vacuum cleaner.

Power tool affects speedperformance, it also depends on how thick material can be cut off. Optimum power for household jigsaw - 800-900 watts. It allows you to work effectively with a variety of materials.

Another important criterion, which determines thequality of work - speed control speed. a certain speed is required for each material. For example, to cut the plastic rotations needed is much less than for metal or wood.

The presence of the pendulum action mechanismJigsaw will allow you to carry out work not only vertical but also horizontal movements. This feature increases the area and precision cutting.

Blunt saw blade should be changed immediately, so as not to burden the engine.

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Sawing can be attached to the instrument by usingspecial key, which will require additional time. Another option - mounting with a special bracket that allows you to quickly and easily change the saw blade.

To cut out a circle, get a tool equipped with a sawing device rotation.

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Ability to connect the tool to the vacuum cleanerIt allows to keep clean the workplace and promptly remove health harmful dust. To connect using a special nozzle, if important to you, this function, check for it in advance.

Features stable operation of the instrument

Buying jigsaw, turn it on and without sawingplace on work surface. If the instrument will remain in place and will not move due to vibration, it is well constructed and work will be comfortable with it. If the jigsaw will vibrate strongly, when the saw blade begins to leave aside.

Model with built-in flashlight allows you to work in low light.

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Another parameter that affects the stability ofsaws - is the location of the lower support roller. The closer it is to the platform, the better. The platform (base) to be cast aluminum, in such manufacture it is obtained a perfectly flat, it is not always possible in the case of a steel stamping.

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