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Tips for choosing the carpet

tips for choosing the carpet,

There are many carpets of different sizes and colors, and they perform different functions.

For example, a carpet of small size can be a major focus of the room, setting the tone for the whole interior.

Also, a small rug will divide the zone,for example, in a studio apartment separate play area for the child from the parents' bedroom area. Beautiful, well-chosen rug will serve as a final touch to the design of space for reading or conversations on the souls.

How to choose a carpet so that it perfectly fits into the basic concept of the interior?

If your room is sustained in quiet tones, you'll like the carpet of bright colors. It will revitalize the interior, adding a new, cheerful tone.
The carpets look great on any floor, be itlaminate, linoleum, tile or marble. Regarding the choice of colors - it certainly is a personal matter your taste, but it should be remembered that the carpets in bright colors, must not conflict with other parts of your interior. For example, to pick up a carpet in tone to the cushions on the couch, or floor lamp.
Large carpets are best for living rooms and bedrooms, they provide warmth and comfort. Also, large rug is perfect for a child's room - and soft, and beautiful.
Carpets of irregular shape, such as oval,not desirable to have a bulky furniture, otherwise all the "highlight" of the product will be gone. However, this does not mean that this can not be put carpet elegant decorative table. A well-chosen size and shape of an oval rug looks stylish and original.
If you choose a rug for the hallway, it is bestleave about a meter of free, flooring carpet, it will help to visually enlarge the space. Carpets are able to hide or disguise some delicate deficiencies or errors premises. For example, if you have a narrow room, it is best suited carpet with horizontal stripes, it will create the illusion of space.
These tips will help you choose the right carpet.

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