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France - a country for tourists who have a desire to not only look at the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles, and explore the country roads, beautiful views to photograph.

First we need to determine the route,buy a map and navigator. You can choose to travel in their own car, and it is possible more profitable - to rent vehicles at the rental desk in France.

On the roads of France is necessary to follow the rules: you must fastens seat belt to everyone who is in the car, you can not use radar detectors (for violation of a fine of up to 1,500 euros), the vehicle shall be in an emergency stop sign, you must have a reflective vest and a breathalyzer.

As in most European countries, in roadFrance is divided into paid and free. Tourists prefer to travel on roads free of charge, to see all the beauty of France. For the comfort and opportunities to photograph as much of the beautiful scenery, it is desirable to pass no more than 300 km per day. The fare on motorways is almost the same as for travel through tunnels and bridges.

The maximum speed for driving on the autobahn -130 km / h in populated areas need to reduce the speed to 50 km / h. French roads are equipped with a large number of photoradar, so you need to observe speed limits, otherwise you may be fined a large sum.

Parking in France are equipped with machine guns to cover almost all of them are paid.

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