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ADVICE to novice motorists


Advices for novice motorists</a>

If you have recently received a driver's license, several tips for safe driving will help you:

1. When you are driving, be vigilant and circumspect, try not to trust other people's advice.

2. Do not "hang out" from row to row, try to minimize rebuilding, because due to lack of experience, you can create an emergency situation.

3.; Think in advance the places of rebuilding and turning.

4. Use seat belts and talk about it to your passengers.

5.; Always turn the turn signals.

6. Before starting to drive, inspect the vehicle, especially the wheels (inflated or half-inflated) and damage if parking is unsuccessful.

7. Do not take the extreme rows to not meet with the drivers and parked cars.

8. If you are asked (beep or flashing distant headlights) to do forced rebuilding, give way if rebuilding is completely safe.

9. Keep a distance, look into the mirrors and try to anticipate the events.

10. Do not give advice during the movement.

11. Know that most often in the accident are those who felt like a pro. Self-confidence leads to catastrophes with serious consequences. Observe the speed limit.

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