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TIPS florist

Tips florist

Gardening does not take much time and effort.

But how great you will feel after talking with them, it's the nature of the particles, and it heals and gives a sense of harmony in the soul.

To ensure your plants have always been strong, and have not had blossomed magnificently, there are a few secrets to care for them.



Never do not put a small plant in a largepot, it will grow slowly. Do not place pots on a windowsill near the glass - in the summer the leaves, which are in contact with the glass, can burn and warm in winter. In autumn and winter flowers is better to water in the morning and in the warmer months - in the evening.


Spray the flowers early in the morning, it is desirable, if notIt happened then in the evening, but not during the day. The water in the sprayer to pour hot but not boiling water, of course. To leaf color was bright and juicy, add the water to spray 2-3 drops of camphor alcohol per 1 liter of water. During flowering Feed the castor oil plant. Add 1 liter of water for 1 hour. Spoon of castor oil, Shake and pour flowers.


When the transplant flowering plants, stronglyTighten the ground. For plants with ornamental foliage leave the soil loose. As a plant food use not only chemical fertilizers, and organic, such as minced banana peel, watering cactus milk (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water), crushed eggshells mixed with sugar in a ratio of 10 1, the water in which the cooked eggs, as there are many minerals.

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