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TIME and eternity


Time and eternity</a>

Remember what word the legendary hero Kai tried to put down from the icy letters enchanted by the evil snowy queen.

This word was "eternity".

This concept, which can not be felt,Try or see, even the actual desire to imagine an endless stream of time leads to a stupor and can be compared with the pathetic attempt of a mortal to understand something immortal.

Eternity, perhaps, refers to certain philosophicalMatter, which are similar and inseparable from the concepts of life, time, faith. According to religious traditions, eternity is a certain independence of the divine beginning from such a condition as time. The Church prescribes to distinguish between the divine and created eternity. If the former exists without any conditions whatsoever, the second is in direct dependence and is conditioned by the first. With the concept of eternity, the names of God, of the Holy Spirit, of being are connected.

From an astronomical point of view The eternity and time of the concept is by no meansIdentical, because eternity, unlike the things we are familiar with, is not endowed with the properties of the beginning and the end, it has no continuation and exists independently of other factors.

From a philosophical point of view Eternity is associated with being stretched inTime. The concept of eternity has for a long time captured the minds of scientists around the world, Plato, Aristotle, Hegel tried to express and formulate it. However, they all agreed that eternity is in no way connected with immortality, which, in essence, invariably, eternity is filled with human passions and emotions, gives us love and other feelings that are meant to make a person absolutely happy and make us forget about the sense of time As such.

Maths Often, giving a definition of the concept of eternity,Call it the "bad infinity" of a set of numbers that do not have a beginning and a logical conclusion, by that which can cause fear from the fact that the individual is not given to know the unknowable quantities. It is believed that from the point of view of geometry eternity can be expressed in the form of a closed geometric figure, a circle, since movement along it can never end and is considered to be eternal.

The embodiment of eternity in natural phenomena is customaryConsider ordinary sea shells, spectral glow or all known sound of silence. In general, eternity is considered an integral part of the world that characterizes the indestructibility of all things in the universe.

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