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How to tie skates


How to tie skates</a>

To skate is fun, you must follow several recommendations.

Required condition ? The skates should not hang, the leg should be fixed. And then one of the conditions is the correctly chosen technique of lacing the ridge


You should also learn how to tie skates. This is an important condition, as the drawn skates will squeeze the legs and prevent blood from circulating. On the other hand, if the legs are not fixed, the speed and maneuverability are lost. But the probability of acquiring grits and calluses increases. Lacing the skates, do not need to tighten the laces in the area of ​​the fingers. Here you need to maintain good blood circulation.

How to tie skates

But higher, on the rise of the foot, should be tightenedTighter. The leg is fixed and will remain stationary when riding. And above, at the hooks, it is better to loosen the lacing again. You can even leave the uppermost hooks unused. This way you will achieve the correct circulation of blood in your leg.

How to tie skates

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