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How to tie shoelaces so that they do not untie


Regular lacing</a>

Everyone remembers how in childhood they learned to tie shoelaces.

This skill is fixed very quickly. True, shoelaces have the ability to untie themselves spontaneously.

There are several ways to prevent this.

«Knotty lacing»

The essence of this lacing is that an additional knot is made on each coupler. Such lacing is used mainly for ski boots, rollers.
Lacing starts from the bottom holes on the shoe. So, the string goes to the bottom holes, and the ends go out. For holes above the shoelaces intersect. And for the fortress, the crossing can be made double. After crossing, the ends of the lace are bred in different directions and traced into the holes.
This lacing continues to the very top of the shoe. Knotty lacing is very strong. And it is difficult to weaken it.

"Direct lacing in European style" or "Lace-up lacing"

This type of lacing provides a good strength. However, at the beginning, the lacing may look ugly due to the wide gap between the holes. For this type of lacing, it is better to choose those shoes, in which the gap between the holes is not too large.
First, the lace is passed through the lower holes, and the ends are led out. Then one (the first) end of the lace is crossed through the next upper hole and passed sideways.

The other end of the lace is crossed,Skipping one lacing hole and also sideways. After the first end of the lace is crossed, skipping one lacing hole at the top and sideways. Thus, lacing is performed alternately by one, then the other end of the lace.
As a result of lacing in the gap between the holes a ladder is formed.

"Straight (fashion) lacing"

The cord is pulled through the lower holes: both ends go inside the boot. Then one (first) end of the lace rises to the right upwards, leaves the right upper hole and is passed to the left.
The other end rises up through oneHole, is displayed outside on the left side and is passed to the right hole. The lacing continues until one of the ends reaches the upper opening. The other end of the lace comes out through the second hole.
This kind of lacing gives shoes a beautiful andNeat appearance. And certainly the shoelaces tied in this way will not come out. However, lacing is performed only on shoes with an even number of holes (4, 6, 8 and so on).
To ensure that the laces are not untied, they must be made of natural materials. Synthetic shoelaces are often slippery: from this they are badly tied and do not stick.

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