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How to tie sambovku

How to tie sambovku

Sambovka - a jacket for practicing Sambo.

The different shape of wrestlers from other forms? First, the primary colors - red and blue, however, beginners are allowed to competitions take the form of a cream-white color, but the belt in the jacket must be red or blue.

Unlike a kimono on her shoulders has "wings" - special protruding strips that can withstand strong jaws, and at the level of the waist slotted to be able to thread the belt.



To fasten the belt on sambovke, & nbsp- Passthrough openings in its jacket, but so that one end was short and one long. & Nbsp-Take the short end of the belt and hold the & nbsp-his left hand, long end of the wrap around the waist so that the "layers" of overlap. As a result of these operations, you must be in the hands of both ends of the belt, one of them pinned layers.


Take the upper end of the belt in the right hand andapply it crosswise on the left end of the belt. Then the right end of run down under all the layers and print out. The left end of the bend to the right and print & nbsp-out of 2 layers of belts and & nbsp-put it on top. The top element & nbsp-Pass to form a ring and finish & nbsp-tightening process node.


In preparation for his first competition,take care not only about the jacket, but also on the wrestling and shorts. & Nbsp-Wrestling you can buy in stores or sports & nbsp-order them sewing. But when ordering negotiate with the master all the features of this shoe. Wrestling must be stitched soft leather with soft soles, & nbsp-that was not all acting tough. Let master intelligent protection of the ankles and feet with felt pads.
& nbsp-

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