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How to tie a sambu


How to tie a sambu</a>

Sambovka is a jacket for sambo lessons.

What is the difference between the shape of the sambo wrestler and other forms? Firstly, the main colors are red and blue, although newcomers in competitions can be in the form of cream, white, but the belt must be red or blue at the jacket.

Unlike a kimono, she has "wings" on her shoulders - special protruding slats that allow her to withstand strong grips, and at the waist level slits are made to allow her to go through the belt.



To tie a belt in sambo, & nbsp- passIt through the holes in the jacket, but so that one end is short and the other one is long. & Nbsp-Take the short end of the belt and hold & nbsp-his left hand, wrap the long end around the waist so that the "layers" overlap. As a result of the operations performed, you should have both ends of the belt in your hands, one of them is pressed together by layers.


Take the upper end of the belt in the right hand andPlace it crosswise on the left end of the belt. Then right end run down under all the layers and output to the outside. The left end is bent to the right and bring out & nbsp-from under the 2 layers of the belt and & nbsp-put it on top. The upper element & nbsp-pass into the formed ring and complete the n & p-process by tightening the knot.


Preparing for their first competition,Take care not only of the jacket, but also about wrestling and shorts. & Nbsp-Bracers you can buy in sports stores or & nbsp-order their tailoring. But when ordering, talk with the master all the features of this shoe. The wrestlers should be sewn from soft leather with a soft sole, & nbsp-so that there are no protruding hard ends. Let the master consider the protection of the ankles and feet with felt pads.
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