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How to tie a knot

How to tie a knot</a>

Ties have existed for several decades in the everyday men's fashion. Currently, there are many ways to tie them.

How can I tie a knot of a tie to make it fast, neat and beautiful?

To do this, the classic way.



To tie a tie one of the mostCommon knots, called "simple knot", or "four" (suitable for all occasions), put it around your neck so that the wide end of the tie lies on your chest over the narrow end by about 30 cm.


Cross the ends of the tie at the neck, and draw the wide end behind the narrow end. Then you need to hold the wide end in front of the narrow, stretch wide from the bottom up through the created loop.


Hold the front part of the knot on the tieWith your finger, so that it is not tight, and draw its wide end from top to bottom into the loop. The ends of the tie must match. If this does not happen, you'll have to start the knot again, putting, as indicated, one end of the other is 30 cm longer.


If the tie under the collar is not twisted and lies normally, you can align the node to the center. Knit a "simple knot" of neckties of heavy fabrics, then it will look especially beautiful.


The end of any classic tie should traditionally reach the middle of the abdomen. The color of the tie is chosen so that it harmonizes with the clothes (mostly with the color of the suit and shirt).


The knot on the tie should be tight, without wrinkles, and it should always be done on the collar, but not in the hands. The size of the knot is suggested by modern fashion. Currently, it is recommended to make a large knot.

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