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How to tie a tie

Ties There are more than a dozen years in the everyday men's fashion. Currently, there are many ways of tying.

How can I tie his tie, it to be fast, accurate and beautiful?

For this fit the classic way.



To tie a tie with one of the mostcommon node, which is called a "simple assembly" or "four" (suitable for all occasions), put it on the neck so that the wide end of the tie lying on his chest over the narrow end of about 30 cm.


Cross the ends of the tie at the neck, and the wide end over the narrow end rewound. Then you need to hold the wide end to narrow, wide stretch from the bottom up through the created loop.


Hold the front of the knot on his tiefinger, that it is not taut, and its wide end of the slide from the top down in a loop. The ends of the tie should be the same. If it does not have to start to tie a knot again, placing, as mentioned, one end of the other length of 30 cm.


If a tie under the collar is not twisted and is fine, you can align the knot in the middle. Bind "simple assembly" from the Tie heavy fabrics, then it will look especially beautiful.


The end of the tie should any classical tradition up to the middle of the abdomen. Colors tie is selected so that it is in harmony with clothes (mostly suit and shirt color).


Assembly on the tie must be tight, wrinkle-free, and it should always make the collar, but not in the hands. Dimensions node dictates the modern fashion. Currently, it is recommended to make a big knot.

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