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How to Tie a sweater for the dog pattern

How to knit a sweater with the dog pattern

In the cold season, many pets do not like to go for a walk.

This is especially true of small and medium-haired and bald rocks.

These dogs are freezing strongly that as a result can lead to serious illness. Salvation in this situation would be knitted sweater.

And make your dog stand out, spend a little more time and tie the product for dogs with a pattern.

You will need

  • - Knitting different colors-
  • - spitsy-
  • - santimetr-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Squared paper or printer-
  • - Pencil.



For the first time, choose a simple pattern. For example, diamonds, hearts, sweetheart. At first, it is better not to use the image, which requires a very precise calculation and a variety of shades: sweaters for dogs with a pattern of such a plan will knit when enough "nabete" hand.


Remove the animal from the measurements. Key: coverage of the neck, the chest, the distance between the legs, the length of the future product. As a rule, knitted sweaters for dogs are long on the back exactly to the tail. On her tummy may be varied: for boys better make it short, for girls - longer.


To knit a sweater with a pattern for a dog, it is importantcorrectly calculate the rapport - the number of loops in one picture element that is repeated. Total leaf hinges must be evenly divisible by the number of loops in rapport. If you are missing one or two, add them in a single row to start the pattern.


Print out a prepared pattern. Bind to him in a familiar pattern: the gate extension to the chest, armholes or sleeves raglan. Classic version of the placement pattern is back. Start vyvyazyvayut harvested from the middle of drawing a better armholes. Note: You can knit a simple pattern as a monolithic product, and on the estimated zipper.


Carefully observe the direction of the pattern onsweater for the dog. When knitting a top-down (from the neck to the tail) to "read" the scheme must also be top-down. When the personal number from left to right, with the purl - from right to left. Note: knit sweater with a pattern you must face a smooth surface.


Follow the thread tension. Correct the error in low tension and sagging possible, but the remake, not dissolving, tighten problematic pattern. Especially if a very small gap between the color elements. At the end of each row provyazyvayte two threads from the base web and patterned. So the edge will be more even.

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