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How to Tie a double layer scarf

How to tie a scarf double layer

Scarf - is not only a stylish accessory but also a warm thing that will not give you warm in bad weather.

You will need

  • - Tea-colored mohair - 100 r
  • - Mohair orange color - 100 r
  • - sintepon-
  • - Hook №2,5-
  • - Spokes №3-
  • - A needle with a wide eye.



Knit this scarf is pretty simple. Type in the spokes of 31 loop and tie a rubber band smooth fabric, the length of which is equal to 2 meters. From a different color yarn you want to associate the exact same item. The resulting fabric must be the same, not only in length but also in width.


Knitted fabric must be connected to each other. To this end, the needle Thread the yarn and stitch the edges by means of knitting stitch so that each end of the future were not sewn scarf 20 centimeters.


Now you need to link the beads for 2 crochet scarf. To do this, type 3 air loops and somknite them in the ring. Then, in the resulting ring knit 6 columns without nakida. In the next series of the number of loops should be increased, that is, of each column of the previous row without nakida vyvyazyvayut 2. Then knit 3 rows in the same way. Once you've finished them, begin to diminish the product exactly the same as the added, that is, each successive number need not provyazyvat in each loop, and through one. When bead left a small hole, tamp its synthetic padding and close the remaining loops.


It remains only to sew beads to the ends crochetedpaintings. Wearing such a product should be in a special way: you must thread the beads several times in the holes that are located at the ends. Double layer scarf ready!

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