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How to Tie a Scarf British gum

How to tie a scarf British gum

English gum is the easiest and most popular way of knitting, especially for beginners. It is convenient to use this kind of knitting scarves.

For a 2 meter long scarf (scarves of this type are usually the length) will need 400 grams of yarn and knitting needles № 3,5.



Enter an odd number of loops.


The first row of knit according to the scheme: 1 bead loop, 1 front, 1 Wrong. So, repeat until the end of the series. The penultimate loop - Wrong, the latter - for edges.


The second row and all subsequent knit as follows: 1 bead loop, one union, one front (not provyazyvat), 1 Wrong, and so on until the end of the series.


Thus, alternating between the first and second series, we obtain a scarf, tied British band.


You can knit a scarf of the English rubber band of two colors. Better pick up the yarn for knitting in contrasting colors - then you get a very beautiful scarf. Also, we need circular needles.


Please enter an even number of loops + 2 edge loops thread dark.


Then knit the first row: 1 bead, 1 front, then straight nakida, remove the following loop on the right needle, not provyazyvaya. All this again before the end of the series, the last an edge loop provyazyvaem always wrong.


The second row of light-filament knit - 1 bead loop, 1 Wrong loop plus nakida, front loop with nakida knit together the front, then repeat.


The third row start with a dark yarn to the scheme: 1 bead, purl knit together with nakida wrong, do nakida and remove the front loop. Repeat this pattern until the end of the series.


Fourth row again knit bright thread 1 bead, do nakida, remove the front, with the wrong nakida provyazyvaem together purl, repeat to end.


Then everything again from the second row. As a result, you get two color fluffy scarf that your loved ones will be worn with pleasure.

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