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How to tie a scarf, beads

How to tie a scarf, beads

All kinds of jewelry does not happen!

It turns out that with their hands they can not only make all kinds of ribbons, beads, or beads, but also to bind.

You will need

  • - Mohair pryazha-
  • - Hook 0.75 mm.



Crochet usually always begins with a set of stitches. In this case, you need to dial 6 loops, and then lock them in a circle.


Next, you need to dial 5 stitches, then make the hook 3 nakida, enter it under the ring, then knit all dialed nakida in turn. Thus, you get 4 column.


The resulting tab to finish like this: type 5 stitches, and knit this chain through the knitting center, ie through the ring.


After the first petal ready startKnit the next in the same way. In our case, these petals should be 4. When the flower is fully connected, dial a chain of 15 aerial loops. Just keep in mind that the chain is straight from the flower, that is, all the decoration is inextricably.


Note the last loop. It is necessary to knit a column with nakida. For this type of air loops 3 make nakida and then, respectively, marked in the loop knit.


Again begin to knit petal, as in the firstflower. If suddenly you wanted to make it last longer, then just increase the number of stitches and nakida. For example, for a large flower need 8 CP and 5 nakida. Bind the product to the desired size, then connect the first to the last flower, or rather with the last air chain. Scarf-necklace ready!

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