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Knitted things with their hands always look impressive and cause the admiration.

Having mastered a few techniques and crochettry to contact the simplest thing you can not stop in his work, and will constantly create something new. Besides that you will be wearing exclusive things, you can also save money.

As well as knitting can become not just a hobby, but a means of earning extra money.

You will need

  • - kryuchok-
  • - String ( "Iris," "Lily", "Mac") -
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - A needle.



Start your journey in this interesting case with the simplest things. For example, try to relate the topic crochet. Look at magazines to choose your favorite model. If there is you yourself did not find anything like it, you can simply draw style of the future product on paper and pick up an interesting scheme for knitting crochet. Decide on the thread. For years a topic best suited thread "Iris", "lily", "Mac". You can take any other, is not too thick. Choose a color you like.


Hook dial a chain of air loops,equal to half the length of your waist. This will be the front portion of the article. To lift type has 3 air loop. Enter a hook in the fourth from you loop knit in her column with 2 nakida. Skip 2 sts, knit again in the third column 3 with nakida. Continue to knit so until the end of the chain. Thus, you'll have bundles, consisting of three columns with nakida.


When knitting the second row, type 3 Airloop for lifting, in a close loop knit 2 column with nakida. Then repeat the knitting bars with 3 nakida out of the loop, which is located between two adjacent beams of the first row. In this way, continue knitting the rest of the series. Finish the job, when the front part of the topic will be the desired length and reach up to the armpits.


The rear of the stamp knit in the same way. When the two parts of the product will be ready, sew them on the wrong side. Straps stamp can be made from braids. Tie for each of three chains of aerial loops. Weave braids sew to topu.

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