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How to link a topic to a crochet


How to link a topic to a crochet</a>

Knitted with their own hands, things always look spectacular and cause admiration of others.

Having mastered several methods of crocheting andHaving tried to connect the most simple thing, you can not stop in your work, but constantly create something new. In addition, that you will wear exclusive things, you can also save.

And also knitting can become not just a hobby, but a means of additional earnings.

You will need

  • - hook-
  • - thread ("Iris", "Lily", "Mac") -
  • - scissors-
  • - A needle.



Start your journey in this interesting business with the simplest things. For example, try to link a topic Crocheted. Look at the magazines to choose the model you like. If there you did not find anything to your liking, you can simply draw the shape of the future product on paper and find an interesting scheme for knitting Crocheted. Decide on the threads. For the summer topic, the threads "Iris", "Lily", "Mac" are best suited. You can take any other, not too thick. Choose the color you like.


Hook the chain from the air loops,Equal in length to half of your waist. This will be the front of the product. For lifting, dial 3 more air loops. Insert the hook into the fourth from you loop, tie in it 2 posts with a crochet. Pass 2 loops, in the third again, tie 3 posts with a crochet. Continue to knit to the end of the chain. Thus, you have got bundles consisting of three columns with a crochet.


When knitting the second row, dial 3 airLoops for lifting, next to one loop, tie a 2 post with a crochet. Next, repeat the knitting of 3 bars with a crochet from the loop that is between the two adjacent tufts of the first row. In this way, continue knitting the remaining rows. Finish the job when the front of the topic is the length you need and reach the armpits.


Back up the top of the top in the same way. When both parts of the product are ready, sew them on the wrong side. Brateli topa can be made from braids. Bind for each of the three chains of air loops. Weave braids, sew to top.

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