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How to tie a baby crochet


How to tie a baby crochet</a>

Handicraft as a hobby is in itself a wonderful activity, but when it is necessary to create something for your child, it turns into a real pleasure!

Yes, and the baby to wear made by your hands such a piece of knitting art will be more than pleasant, because the thing is created by loving mother's hands.

You will need

  • - yarn
  • - hook
  • - lining fabric



Prepare the yarn for the beret. If you use acrylic, it will be suitable for a 2.5-3 knitting hook. If the thread is more dense, choose a hook of size 3.5-4.


Begin to knit beret from the top of the head. Collect the thread in a small ring and tie it with 6-8 columns without a crochet. After pulling the ring, pull the opposite end of the thread.


Then knit in this order: 2 rows - in each loop of the first row, knit 2 columns-
3 row - in every second column of the second row, knit two columns-
4 row - in every third column of the third row, knit two columns-
5 row - in every fourth column of the fourth row, knit two columns.


In the following rows, add less often, in every fifth, then - in every sixth column of the row. Control that the circle does not taper, but does not expand too sharply, forming waves.


You can knit in two ways - in a spiral and starting each row anew. The method of knitting in a spiral is much easier.


Knit the circle until it is about 25 centimeters in diameter. After that, connect another 3-5 inches without adding columns, evenly.


In the next series, gradually and evenlyReduce the number of columns in the row, thereby narrowing the product. Reduce every fifth column, repeating this for three or more rows in a row, so that in the end the extreme row of beret corresponds to the volume of the child's head. The edges of the beret can be tied in several rows of columns without a crochet, or with decorative petals.


If you decide to tie a baby beret Crocheted For autumn or spring, sew a lining to it. To do this, from a not very dense fabric (you can knit) sew a lining in the form of a conventional cap, and then sew it into the finished beret. For a colder time of the year, take a fleece cloth.

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