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How to tie hooks to a fishing line


How to tie hooks to a fishing line</a>

Beginner anglers dare to believe that a quality hook should not break or unbend.

In fact, this is not true. When creating any type of hook, it is assumed that it can be flexible.

Of course, you can make the hooks yourself, hardenThem, such hooks are unlikely to bend, but it will take your free time. Experienced fisher tries to spend free time on multiple tying of hooks on the line.

There are such reservoirs in which it makes sense to use gear on several hooks, for a larger catch.

You will need

  • Fishing hooks, fishing line.



Experienced anglers try to get by with hooksWithout using additional procedures for hardening, etc. If you still want to strengthen the strength of your hooks, you can temper them in the following way: use an automotive burner or an alcohol lamp. Hooks can not be held by hands if you want your fingers to remain intact. You can use insulated tweezers (to avoid burns) and small pliers. For hardening Hooks Heated until the appearance of a light cherry-colored metal, and then dipped in water or oil to completely cool the hook.


After Hooks Were hardened, they can be used in yourtackle. You can tie the hook in several ways. But practice shows that there are always one or two favorite ways of tying, basically these are the very nodes that are the strongest. Take the hook in one hand, and the other line. Thread the line in the eye of the hook, pull the line a short distance. Before tie a knot, make several turns with the end of the line around the main thread. After a few turns, thread the end of the line into the formed pigtail, closer to the eyelet. Pull the end of the line so that the braid is assembled into one knot.


Using the node described above, you canTie several hooks. When you sequentially place the hooks on the line, it is worth noting that you need to start from the hook that will be located closer to the rod. In addition to sequential placement of hooks on the line, you can place them in parallel, i.e. To connect by one node.

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