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How to Tie a beautiful vest

How to tie a beautiful vest

Knitted vest, once Neglected designers, has become an indispensable part of modern image.

Such an item of clothing suitable for both office everyday life, and for a romantic evening.

You will need

  • - Pryazha-
  • - Needles №3.



Begin to knit vest from the back. The above method is calculated on the length S, if you want more & nbsp-size, for each increase the number of loops to 10. & nbsp-Type & nbsp-87 loops, knit 4 cm rubber band, alternating between two end loops with two purl to end of row. In the next (fifth) row 15, do backstitches loops. Next to the end of a number of alternate 2 loops purl knit together, with 1 nakida and 25 loops purl coats. Complete a series of 15 loops purl.


Thus you have placed on the spokes of land forvyvyazyvaniya lozenges. Further, at the same time added to each eighth row after the edge 1 st. Do increase seven times on both sides. We obtain 101 loop. For patterning lozenges in the first row knit 10 backstitches loops, then knit 2 together and make 11 loops purl. This combination is repeated until the end of the series.


Next all the purl rows on vyvyazyvayutFigure. Third row from the beginning of the formation of lozenges knit as the first, except that instead of 10 loops knit backstitches 9. So keep close to each reduce the number backstitches loops before and after diamond and 1 loop and increase to 2 loops those are inside the diamond.


Continue binding to 23-row. Then start to add 1 purl loop on both sides of the rhombus and diminish 2 loops inside the diamond. The 39th series of knit backstitches 10 loops do nakida, and then connect the 3 loops together purl. Repeat nakida 10 and knit purl loops. Repeat diamonds from 1st to 40th rows.


After 24 cm from the gums begin to shape the armhole. To this 5 loops on both sides close. Then close in every second row, once to 3 times, and one loop to 2. At the end of twice the loop close to 1. For the neckline through 16 cm from the beginning armholes close formation 21 th central loop. On either side of them three times close the loop 5, and then once the loop 2 and 3. At a height of 49 cm close to 8 loops for each arm and finish knitting.


Similarly, the back of the tie before. But at the height of 28 cm from typesetting edge close to armholes every 6, 4 and 2 loops. After 11 cm from the beginning armholes close formation 27 central loop. On both sides once close 5, 4, 3 and twice loops 2 and 1 loop. When assembling sew one shoulder. Dial 158 on the edge of the neck loop and perform 4 series elastic. Close the shoulder. Armholes and tie a rubber band in 4 rows. Follow the side seams.

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