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How to Tie a beautiful flower

How to tie a beautiful flower

Flowers - a unique creation of nature. They are an ornament.

That is why many needlewoman choose floral motifs for his works.

Daisies, poppies, sunflowers, roses are able to give a special charm products.

For example, you can decorate with flowers knitted hats, napkins, cardigans, etc.

You will need

  • -raznotsvetnaya yarn,
  • -hook



To produce select the desired yarn oncolor, composition, as well as pick the appropriate hook. It is from them will depend on the size of the flower manufactured. For example, 100% cotton ( "Iris", "Snowflake" and others.) Take the hook with two and a half number.


Please dial a chain of 69 aerial loops.
1 number: In the fifth loop chains knit a column with nakida. Next, passing one loop, in her subsequent loop knit 2 column with nakida separated by an air loop. Thus dovyazhite to the end of the series.


2 series: Make three loops for lifting the air and turn the work, knit in the opposite direction will be. In the first arch (air loop between two columns) knit 1 column with nakida, 3 air loops and 2 column with nakida. Until the end of a series of knit as follows: in each subsequent arch - 4 column with nakida, which are separated by a third air loops.


3rd row: Turn the work. Again tie three lifting loops. Then, in each arch of the previous row knit columns with 9 nakida.


Fold the associated tape roll, flatten the pitch and you get beautiful flower - rose flower. Its diameter depends on how tightly twisted you, on average 5.6 cm.


Then tie your rose leaves. Take the hook of the same size and the same composition yarns (only green). Dial 15 stitches. In the second loop chains knit a column 1 without nakida. Then in each loop chains knit in order: 1 polustolbik, 2 column with nakida, 2 column with two nakida, 3 column with three nakida, 2 column with two nakida, 1 column with nakida, polustolbik 1, column 1 without nakida.


Work, turn and knit in the mirror in orderopposite direction. Last column without nakida connecting column attach to the top of the leaf. Then knit groove connecting bars in the middle of the sheet, the thread is on the opposite end of the article. Tie a further 25 stitches: 10 - for the stem and 15 - for the next sheet. Sheet knit similar to the first. Return to the top of the connecting bars on the stalk. Dial 15 more air loops and tie the third leaf.

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