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3D 3D wall wallpaper


Three-dimensional 3d wallpaper for the walls - design in step with the times</a>

To date, the field of application of 3d technology is gradually expanding.

For example, already no one is surprised by windows with a volume effect or liquid 3d floors.

And not so long ago there were wallpapers with a three-dimensional effect.

Initially, they could be seen only on the walls of some restaurants and nightclubs, as well as representative offices and boutiques.

Over time, 3 d wallpaper from public interiors moved into private, and for a year now they are still as relevant and continue to amaze with a variety of design ideas.

Three-dimensional 3d wallpaper: a new vision

One of the modern ways to create a cozy andStylish atmosphere in the house - 3d wallpaper, which somehow resemble wallpaper. However, the possibilities and properties of use in the interior are different for them. Wallpapers with a three-dimensional image not only add to life bright colors, but also create the illusion of three-dimensional space and even its movement.

Wallpapers with a three-dimensional effect visually expand the space of any room.

To do this, not always to the surface of theseProducts of images of pictures or photographs. To achieve the necessary effect allow three-dimensional objects in the form of abstractions, patterns, ornaments and geometric shapes. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the picture on such wallpapers turns out to be very realistic.

The application of wallpaper 3d in the interior of the apartment

Cover 3D wallpaper provides a wideOpportunities for a variety of experiments. Since any image can be applied to its surface, three-dimensional wallpaper can be used in almost any interior. Of course, for each room in the apartment or house will need their own, unique wallpaper. Choosing them best, focusing on the appointment of the room.

For example, in the bedroom there will be a calmA landscape that will promote relaxation and pacification. It can be a birch grove on a summer day, an autumn forest, snow-white mountains or a view of the sea. In the bedroom will look good and fluorescent 3d wallpaper. For the children's room usually choose wallpaper with cheerful and cheerful drawings. The walls of the nursery can be decorated with images of the characters of your favorite fairy tales of the baby or cute beasts. A realistic image of them will bring your child to rapture.

Together with 3d wallpaper on the perimeter of the room or on the wall, it is desirable to install additional lighting sources.

If the bathroom is large enoughArea, it can also use 3d wallpaper with a volume effect. In this case, marine animals, mermaids, dolphins and flocks of fish will look good. And if one of the walls shows a view of the underwater world of the ocean from the submarine window, your bathroom will acquire a unique and breathtaking look.

The area of ​​use of 3D wallpapers is notIs limited only by pasting walls. They can also decorate ceilings. For example, it can be a glowing 3d wallpaper with a starry sky depicted on them. Apply wallpaper with a three-dimensional 3d effect and for the design of doors. For example, the door can be a three-dimensional image of a sunny beach.

Where and at what price can I buy a 3d wallpaper

Buy 3d wallpapers the easiest way through the Internet. In the shops of finishing materials, these products are very rare. Also you can contact the printing companies specializing in similar services. In these companies you can order ready-made coatings on walls with interesting volumetric plot, as well as specify certain points: changing the image, its color or size, moving an object or its parts.

The cost of this finishing material is enoughIs high. That is why 3d wallpapers are more often used in commercial establishments. If you decide to buy three-dimensional wallpaper for your house, prepare to lay out about 1000 rubles and up for 1 square meter of this coverage.

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