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How to think deeper and wider


How to think deeper and wider</a>

A person daily passes through his brain large information flows, with which one must be able to properly handle.

The well-known aphorism says that it is informed - it means it is armed.

It's hard to argue with this, especially in our information age.



Developing the senses. Of course, vision is the main source of information from the outside world. Take on the armament one practical exercise, which is applicable to other organs of perception. Highlight the private. For example, when you see a tree, try to remember it and, closing your eyes, reproduce it to the smallest detail. Do this as often as possible.


We develop memory. Many did not like to learn poetry at school. If nothing has changed, I suggest taking any text of average size you like and memorizing it by heart. If you thought that one time is enough, then you are mistaken. Do this trick 2-3 times a week.


Movement is life. Running, jumping is not only useful, but also fun. With moderate physical exertion, hormones of happiness are allocated, which, in turn, are responsible for our mood, and a good mood is a guarantee of success. Easy charging 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening before bedtime.


All people can say, but another question, like thisdo. It's nice to hear competent speech, without the words of parasites, when a person has developed diction and articulation. Even better, when this is all reinforced by emotions and gestures. According to the opinion of psychologists, human communication is 55% non-verbal, and only 7% verbal (words, phrases). Keep this in mind.
Wave your hands and people will reach out to you. Joke. Open the collection of tongue twisters and pronounce them slowly, but distinctly, speeding up the tempo. Every day for 10 minutes and the result will not keep you waiting.

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