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HOW to think deeper and broader

How to think deeper and broader

Man every day passes through your brain large flows of information, which must be able to handle properly.

Well-known aphorism says that informed - is forearmed.

With this hard to argue, especially in our information age.



Develop senses. Of course, the view is the main source of information from the outside world. Take into service one practical exercise, which is applicable to other organs of perception. Highlight private. For example, seeing a tree, try to remember it, and closed his eyes, play it to the smallest detail. To carry out such a task should be as often as possible.


Develops memory. Many did not like to teach poetry at school. If nothing has changed, I propose to take any desired text medium volume and memorize it by heart. If you think that once is enough, then you are mistaken. We perform this trick you need 2-3 times a week.


Movement is life. Run, jump is not only useful, but also fun. At moderate physical activities are distinguished happiness hormones that, in turn, are responsible for our mood, and a good attitude, as everyone knows, is the key to success. Easy to charge 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening before bedtime.


Saying all know how, but the other question like thisdo. Nice to hear a competent speech, without words parasites when a person developed diction and articulation. Even better, when it is supported by all the emotions and gestures. According to psychologists, human communication by 55% is non-verbal, and only 7% verbal (words, phrases). Keep this in mind.
Waving his arms and people to reach for you. Joke. Open collection of tongue twisters and admonish them, slowly but clearly accelerating pace. Every day for 10 minutes, and the result will not take long.

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