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Things to do on a train

Things to do on a train

Long ride in a train can turn boring pastime or fly in an instant, remember.

And it depends not so much on an interesting company, but on selected activities during the trip.

Things to do on the train alone

Even a trip lasting several daysIt may well shoot quickly and for the benefit of the traveler. This time, you can finally be on those studies, the time for which often lack the bustle of everyday activities. So, the train is good to read books. This may be a modern journalism, historical novels or technical books on the subject you're interested. The main thing is that they are interesting and exciting.
If the trip is planned in an unfamiliar cityor country, you can train to explore the map of the area, located where attractions and popular sites. It is true that information is better to look in advance as the train can not always catch the Internet.
The trip can also be given during theirhobbies. For example, crochet needles or any beautiful thing, sew a pillowcase or cloth, as well as learn some foreign language, memorizing new words and expressions. In the latter case, you can bring along as a textbook and training audio recording on CD - convenient and interesting. And on a trip, you can learn to make origami figures, taking the teaching literature.
In addition, the train is good to solvecrossword puzzles, to solve various logic puzzles, solitaire, watching interesting movie on a laptop or tablet. And while traveling, you can make acquaintance with new people or simply dream, admiring the beautiful views from the window.

Things to do on a train company

The trip on the train with your favorite friends or justgood friends often get fun. In addition to interesting conversations with jokes and rhymes, it can also be a good time for the joint games. The easiest way to pass the time in the company - to play cards. And that this activity was fun, it is better to come up with some loser harmless punishment.
Also great fun to play in company"Mafia", the meaning of which is to find among all the players representatives mafia and eliminate them from the game. The truth is that entertainment will have a good bluff to win.
In addition, it is possible to bring a differentboard games, such as logic or the rate of the reaction. You can also play in the city or country, calling the next item on the last letter of the previous one. And for those who are traveling alone, it is best to play the same card, chess, checkers or backgammon.

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