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What can I do in the train


What can I do in the train</a>

A long trip on the train can turn into a boring pastime or fly in an instant, remembering for a long time.

And it depends not so much on an interesting company as on the classes chosen during the trip.

What can I do on the train alone?

Even a trip of a few daysCan easily sweep quickly and profitably for the traveler. This time can finally be given to those studies, the time for which is often lacking for the vanity of everyday affairs. So, it's good to read books on the train. This can be modern journalism, historical novels or technical literature on the subject you are interested in. The main thing is that they are interesting and exciting.
If the journey is planned in an unfamiliar cityOr the country, you can study the map of the area, attractions and popular places in the train. True, this information is better to look ahead, because the train can not always catch the Internet.
On a trip, you can also devote time to yourHobbies. For example, to connect a nice thing with a crochet or spokes, embroider a pillowcase or tablecloth, and also learn a foreign language, remembering new words and expressions. In the latter case, you can take with you both a textbook and an audio tutorial on a CD-ROM - conveniently and interestingly. And on a trip, you can learn to make origami figures, taking with them educational literature.
In addition, the train is good to solveCrossword puzzles, solve various logical problems, spread out solitaires, watch interesting movies on a laptop or tablet. And during the trip you can get acquainted with new interesting people or just dream, admiring the beautiful views from the window.

What can I do on the train in the company

A trip on the train with your favorite friends or justGood friends often turns cheerful. In addition to interesting conversations with jokes and jokes, you can also have a good time playing together. The easiest way to pass the time in the company is to play cards. And to make this lesson fun, it is better to think up a loser some harmless punishment.
Also a big company is interesting to play in"Mafia", the meaning of which is to find among all players representatives of the mafia and removing them from the game. It's true that in such entertainment you will have to bluff well to win.
In addition, you can take with you variousBoard games, such as logic or reaction speed. You can also play cities or countries by naming the next item on the last letter of the previous one. And those who travel together, it is best to play the same cards, chess, checkers or backgammon.

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