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Things to do in his spare time

Things to do in his spare time

Leisure and free time ... As people often complain that they miss him, and when it finally appears, do not know what it take.

As a result, a weekend or even holiday passes and people regret that the time has passed in vain.

Leisure time, like working, it is better toto plan. Then there will be the feeling foolishly spent hours or even days. Of course, the temptation to lie down on the couch, flipping through magazines, watching the show or sit at the computer, playing games or going from site to site, from one community to another. As a result - again discontent imperceptibly flown for hours, but still a headache to boot. Meanwhile, in addition to the TV and computer, these "killers of time," there are a lot of useful, fun and enjoyable activities.


It is difficult to find a person who, in addition to the basicwork would not fond of some business "for the soul." This can be needlework, gardening and horticulture (not secure for food and for pleasure), artistic and literary creation, playing musical instruments and more.
And let the results of these studies evaluated onlythe closest people, time spent on a hobby, it is not "wasted." Pursuing the work of seeing the results of their work, the person feels its significance, is glad that he is able to create even a modest, but his own, personal masterpiece.
In addition, the hobby calms the nervous system, allows you to expand the circle of communication, learn new skills and apply them in practice.

Sports and Fitness

A great way of leisure activities - dedicatea little time to your body. And it is not necessary to be a grueling workout in the gym. You can find sporting passion like, within our means and forces. And the swimming pool and jogging in the fresh air, and a class of body-oriented practices, and even dancing - all these kinds of physical activity will give the body health, and nervous system - discharge.

Walks in the open air

Communion with nature, with the world - it does notlack of modern man! And not necessarily to go to places where no man has gone with a backpack - though why not? A half-hour walk in the park or a quiet green street is also very useful. By taking the time to walk, look at the sky and the branches of trees, watch the sparrows bathing in a pool, feel the skin breeze ...
The main thing here - do not try to combine a walk withshopping trip or commuting to work. It is important not to hurry, to get the maximum pleasure from the process, without being distracted by daily life.

Communication with family

Unfortunately, just a meeting face to face inthe modern world are increasingly moving into the virtual plane: phone to relatives and friends, chat with them through Skype or social network - it seems that this is the maximum that can afford the modern man. But virtual communication does not go to any comparison with the living, when you see the eyes of the interlocutor, feel his energy and you give him her warmth. Suppose that such meetings do not happen every day, or even once a week, but they should be!
The special feeling arises from the games, activities, justconversations with children. Let them live with their parents in one apartment, but not always, the older and the younger generation have a reason and time to do something together, and it is in vain. Devoting at least a few hours a son or a daughter, an adult learns to better understand their child becomes for him not just the person who is responsible for it and provides a necessary but also a senior fellow, somewhat more experienced, and something capable and to learn from the child.

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