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Things to do on a summer residence of the child

What to take a child on a summer residence

Summer - time for villas, gardens, travel on water.

Parents want a little break from the fumes and do useful things, but the question arises, what is to take a child in the country.

Holiday cottage for babies

Departure from the sweltering apartment for crumbs - is Liferecovery. If the child is still very young and sleeps for a long time in a wheelchair, then it should be placed where there is the shadow of the trees, no wind. Be sure to pull on the carriage mosquito net, you can sprinkle it with any natural remedy for blood-sucking insects. When the baby wakes up, doing things on his mind, you can read his short stories, nursery rhymes, poems.

Holiday cottage for kids

If weather permits, you can laythe ground cover and give the baby toys. You need to remove away from him all sharp and dangerous objects. If a child has not learned to play by yourself, you can plant it in a sling, stroll down to the pond to show the plants in the garden and the garden, tell us about them.

Holiday cottage for preschool and school children

Borrow older child in the country is much easier. For the entertainment of children are ideal books and sports equipment: badminton, balls, boomerangs, flying saucers. At preschool age kids love to help their parents, this activity makes them feel like an adult and meaningful. You can invite children to water the beds, plant flowers and fruit crops, picking berries. This will help teach a child to work. To engage in gardening, they were interesting, it is worth to buy a special baby equipment. You can offer your child collect herbarium. If next to the cottage there is a forest, be sure to take a walk up to it, prosobirayte with mushrooms and berries. If you have on the farm next door necessarily need to go look at the animals: cows, pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens. You can invite to visit the neighborhood kids, a barbecue, invite them to fruit salads and ice cream. The question is, what is to take a child in the country will disappear by itself, if in the yard to build a swing, sandbox, slide, house. Do not forget to bring to the construction of their baby. The best entertainment for your children of the summer at the cottage will be swimming in the pool. Inflatable or frame pool that is suitable for any size yard and purse, can be purchased in the store. In bad weather, you can offer your child to do together cleaning the house, cooking, board games.

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