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How to see the fish

Most of the fish is big and round eyes, but they are arranged quite like other animals.

In this connection the question arises, how well and how can see the fish.



Sight fish arranged such that they caneasy to see the colors and even distinguish between shades. Nevertheless they see somewhat differently, unlike land mansions. When you look up the fish are able to see everything without distortion, but when viewed from the side, straight or at an angle, the image is distorted due to the water and air environments.


Maximum visibility in the water element inhabitantsdoes not exceed 10-12 meters in the clear water. Often this distance is reduced even more by the presence of plants, changes in water color, high turbidity, etc. Most fish clearly distinguish objects at a distance of 2 meters. Due to the particular structure of the eye, podplyvaya to the surface of the water, the fish begin to see objects as if through a window.


Best of all are able to see predators inhabitingclear waters - grayling, trout, chub, pike. Some species feed on plankton and benthic organisms (bream, catfish, eel, pike and others.), Have special light-sensitive elements that can distinguish the weak rays of light in the retina. Due to this, they can quite well visible in the dark.


Located near the coast, fish is very good to hearfishing, but do not see it because of the refraction of the line of sight. This makes them vulnerable, so a big role is played by the masking. Seasoned anglers are advised not to wear bright clothes to go fishing, but rather to select as a protective camouflage colors that will blend in with the background. Much less likely to notice the fisherman is in shallow water than when fishing near the shore and in deeper places. Thus, while fishing is better to sit than to stand and not to make any sudden movements. That is why the spinning, who love to hunt from a boat, fishing is better (vyvazhivat predator, throwing bait) sitting, that is not only safe, but also help get much bigger catch.

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