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There are alternatives to total commander

There is an alternative to total commander

Total Commander is a popular program,which gained its fame thanks to ease of use, a large number of plug-ins, and the presence of unique settings that are not available on most other file managers.

However, Total Commander has a number of alternative programs that are no less functional and can be a good substitute.

FAR Manager

One of the most popular alternatives TotalCommander is a FAR Manager. This program has the same feature set, but different interface and some features. Like Total Commander, the application has a large number of available plugins that help improve the functionality of even the most demanding user. On a set of options FAR does not lag behind its counterpart, is absolutely free, and active development community of programmers. FAR has a similar two-pane interface implemented in a text format, which makes the file manager to ease of use and a quick operation even on slower computers.

FAR also has themes and functions of the program can be fully controlled from the keyboard.


FreeCommander is a free alternativeTotal Commander. Like its predecessor, it is multilingual FreeCommander customizable interface and a large set of options. A feature of the program is its ability to run from a USB drive as a portable version of any Windows system. The application is fast working, it has the ability to view files in plain text or in hexadecimal and binary formats. In contrast to the FAR utility supports Drag & Drop, can connect to a remote FTP-servers. FreeCommander is able to become a full alternative to Total Commander.

FreeCommander disadvantage is the lack of system modules and the ability to integrate their own extensions.

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is a paid filemanagers with a powerful interface, which will be a good helper when working with different files. Like Total Commander, the application has a multilingual interface, the ability to change the design with a few buttons. The program has more advanced filtering and search for files, can synchronize data, search for duplicates in the system. Directory Opus has a large number of plug-ins, which are, however, not so much in comparison with the FAR or Total Commander. The program can be automatically updated and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows architectures. The application can be run and with flash.
Other alternatives can be notedDouble Commander application with support for plug-ins from total commander. There are also Unreal Commander and Speed ​​Commander, which virtually repeated Total Commander functionality, but have a slightly different design and configuration tree.

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