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The scariest horror movie

The worst horror movie

In the entire history of cinema are many horror films have been made on a variety of topics.

However, the worst of them is the film "The Exorcist", filmed in 1973 by William Friedkin, to film the book William Peter Blatty.

What this film adaptation has managed to scare the audience so that her look afraid many people today?

Description of the plot

Twelve daughter of actress Chris MacNeil, Regan,suddenly ill. She begins an unusual and frightening attacks, after which the mother removes her to a doctor. He says Regan aggressive behavior, but does not find any disease. A girl runs through a variety of surveys, but the diagnosis of the doctors put can not. At this time, from the window of her room falls director, which starred her mother Kris film. Having exhausted all their funds, doctors recommend that mothers try Regan exorcism.
During the filming of William Friedkin he has consulted a priest, who is the author of work on the theme of obsession with the devil and his exile.
Exhausted and frightened, Chris turns to her fatherKarras, who agrees to examine the girl. Regan begins to speak in English-speaking countries and Karras, previously considered a consequence of the behavior of girls psychosis, decided to carry out the rite of exorcism. To help him come experienced exorcist Merrin, with whom Karras attempts to drive out the devil from Regan. But Merrin does not stand up and die of a heart attack. Karras have no choice but to invite the devil to move into himself. He agrees and Karras with him thrown out through the window. Healed Regan instantly recovers and leaves with her mother out of town.

Interesting facts about the film

In "The Exorcist," William Friedkin useda huge number of special effects designed to scare the viewer to death - and he succeeded. Nightmare makeup, inhuman roar, swinging the walls and floor, brutal killings and the source of all this - twelve year old girl;. It is this contrast so much frightened the entire world and for many years holds the "Exorcist" in the ranking of 250 best films.
During his "film career" William Friedkin film was nominated ten times for an Oscar, received two golden statuettes.
The director is so clearly shown exorcismand a priest fight with the devil, that subsequently it has been accused of excessive naturalism. However, this did not prevent "The Exorcist" to take first place at the box office, get the top two Academy Awards for Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as to collect at the American box office in 2000 39.661 million dollars and become the worst film in the history cinema.

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