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The world's largest parrot

Kakapo - a large owl parrot

Today on earth, there are about 300 species of parrots.

They are all very different and each in its own interest. Particular attention is drawn to itself the largest of their representatives.

Himself a large parrot on the weight and length of the body can be considered a kakapo.

This rare species to extinction, therefore listed as endangered.

Bright multi-colored plumage, unusual habits,the ability to replicate human speech attract attention, so parrots have become one of the most popular pets. This is a very sociable birds, they get along well with people and can not stand alone, and are considered the most intelligent birds living on Earth.

Kakapo - a large owl parrot

Kakapo parrots are found only on the territory of NavoiZealand. The body length of an adult representative of up to 60 cm, the bird can weigh up to 4 kg. Life expectancy of this species reaches 95 - 100 years. Kakapo plumage color greenish-yellow with black stripes on the back, on the face feathers form the front drive as owls. These birds exude a very sharp but pleasant smell, like the scent of wildflowers.

Kakapo - the only species of parrots, which are notcan fly. Atrophied muscles and under-developed keel wings allow you to use only as a glider, descending from the top of the tree to the ground. These birds are nocturnal. During the day they holed up in burrows or crevices in the rocks, and at night go for the food search. To this end, kakapo can pass the night before a few kilometers on the already trodden paths. They feed on roots, berries, seeds and plant sap, pollen flowers, moss, fungi, and even small reptiles.

Kakapo breeding season

Favorite treat kakapo - the seeds of the tree Rome. Peak active breeding of these birds falls on a year of abundant harvest wood. This occurs every 2 - 4 years. The courtship season at kakapo lasts 3 - 4 months. During this period, most active are the males. In order to attract the attention of females, they make a very loud cry, like the cawing of crows. To better sound spread around the neighborhood, they dig small holes in the form of bowls up to 10 cm deep, and use them as a resonator. The males get together and compete with each other. Very often there are fights for the female, as among individuals of this species the number of males is much higher. During the mating ritual, they lose up to half their body weight.

Hearing the call of the male, female kakapo oftenWe have to go to a few kilometers. After uncomplicated courtship mating process takes place. After that, the female goes away, and the male continues tokovat, hoping to attract a new partner.

After 10 days after mating, the female layseggs. Kakapo equip slot under the branches of trees, stumps, holes, crevices of rocks. It is lined with trees rot or feathers. During the laying of eggs and hatched offspring caring female, going out at night out of the nest to search for food.

Progeny kakapo

In laying less often 2 to 4 eggs. incubation period is 30 days. Eaglets deaf and blind in a gray gun. Fledge within 10 - 12 weeks. After a few weeks of life the chicks female leaves the nest, and only returned to feed the offspring for 6 months. After leaving the nest parent chicks are kept near him to one year of age. Often masonry survives only one chick. Puberty occurs in males to 5 years, in females to 9 years.

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