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The world's largest parrot


To date, there are about 300 species of parrots on the earth.

All of them are very diverse and each in its own way is interesting. Particular attention is attracted to their largest representatives.

The largest parrot by weight and length of the body can be considered kakapo.

This rare species is on the verge of extinction, therefore it is listed in the Red Data Book.

Bright multicolored plumage, unusual habits,The ability to copy human speech attracts attention, so parrots have become one of the most beloved pets. These are very sociable birds, they perfectly get along with people and do not endure loneliness, they are also considered the smartest birds living on Earth.

Kakapo is a big owl parrot

Kakapo parrots live only on the territory of NavoiZealand. The body length of an adult representative reaches 60 cm, the bird can weigh up to 4 kg. The life expectancy of this species reaches 95 - 100 years. The color of the feathers of kakapo is greenish-yellow with black stripes on the back, on the muzzle the feathers form a facial disk, like in owls. These birds exude a very sharp, but pleasant smell, similar to the fragrance of wildflowers.

Kakapo is the only species of parrots that do notCan fly. Atrophied muscles and insufficiently developed keels allow using wings only as a glider, descending from the top of the tree to the ground. These birds are nocturnal. In the afternoon they sit in burrows or in crevices of rocks, and at night go out to look for food. For this purpose, the Kakapo can pass through the night before several kilometers along already traversed paths. They feed on roots, berries, seeds and juice of plants, pollen of flowers, moss, mushrooms and even small reptiles.

Marriage season kakapo

Favorite dainty kakapo - the tree seeds of Rome. The peak of active reproduction of these birds falls on a year of abundant tree yield. This happens every 2 to 4 years. The mating season for kakapo lasts 3 to 4 months. During this period males are more active. In order to attract the attention of the female, they produce a very loud cry, similar to the croaking of crows. To sound better spread around the district, they dig small pits in the form of a bowl with a depth of 10 cm and use them as a resonator. The males come together and compete with each other. Very often there are fights for the female, as among the individuals of this species the number of males is much higher. During the marriage ritual, they lose up to half their weight.

Hearing the call of the male, the female kakapo oftenYou have to travel a few kilometers. After simple courtship, the mating process takes place. Then the female leaves, and the male continues to turn, in the hope of attracting a new partner.

10 days after mating, the female laysEggs. The nest of kakapo is arranged under tree branches, in stumps, burrows, crevices of rocks. Lining it with a trash of trees or feathers. After laying eggs and hatching offspring, the female nurses, leaving at night from the nest to search for food.

Offspring of kakapo

In the clutch often 2 less often up to 4 eggs. The incubation period is 30 days. Hatching chicks are deaf and blind in a gray cannon. They flinch for 10 to 12 weeks. After a few weeks of life of the chicks, the female leaves the nest and returns only for feeding the offspring for 6 months. After exiting the mother's nest, the chicks stay near him until the age of one year. Often only one chick survives from the masonry. Sexual maturation occurs in males to 5 years, in females to 9 years.

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