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Cottage crafts own hands


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Original and useful handicrafts for the suburban area can be created from a variety of improvised materials.

For this, horticulturists can come in handy absolutely unexpected things that accumulate in the shed or on the site.

And the material costs for such dacha experiments will be insignificant.

Flowerbeds from old shoes

Old shoes can become an ornament of the countrySite, if you work with it a little. Make holes in the soles of colored rubber boots, which can no longer be used for their intended purpose. Fill them with garden ground so that you can plant flowers in the bootlegs. Place boots in a suitable place in the garden, for example, put them near the entrance to the house or next to the bench, or you can screw them to the fence or to the wall of the barn.

If you plan to hang a flower bed out of a boot, first attach it to the chosen place, and then fill it with soil and plant flowers.

It's easy to make an originalA composition from an old textured shoe. Immediately consider the drainage system. You can make holes in the sole or at the joint with the top of the shoe, or you can cut off the toe of the shoe. Paint the selected shoes with paint from the can and dry it. Sprinkle the inside of the boot with fertile ground and plant flowers.

Composition of driftwood or stumps

From the beautiful snags, with a fantasy, createUnusual figures or fairy-tale characters. If there is a need to make a snag stable, dig out small holes, install a snag in them and fill with a sand-cement mixture. When the solution dries, sprinkle these places with earth.

From an uneducated high stump suitableDiameter make a street chair. Hollow out the middle of the stump so that you get a seat. Leave a low backrest and armrests. The back is easily made higher by attaching an extra thick board. On the seat, you can throw a small flat cushion.

To ensure that your home-made armchair lasts longer, cover the hollowed interior of the stump with oil paint or yacht lacquer.

Crafts for cottages made of stones

Large river pebbles lay out the garden paths along the edges. They can also lay flower beds, creating ornate compositions.

With small painting skills, paint the river stones with acrylic paints. This fascinating activity can be entrusted to children. Such works will uniquely decorate your garden.

Garden sculpture from mounting foam

Make a merry kolobok from the mounting foam. Take a hard rubber or plastic ball. Cover it with several layers of foam with intermediate drying. With a sharp knife, clean excess growths, giving the handicraft the shape of the ball, cut the eyebrow and mouth. Round nose also make of foam. When the sculpture completely dries, paint it with oil paints or paints from a spray can.

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