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The villa crafts with their hands

Holiday crafts with their hands

Original and useful crafts for the suburban area, you can create a variety of scrap materials.

To do this, gardeners, craftsmen can be useful unexpected things that accumulate in the barn or in the area.

Yes, and material costs for such suburban experiments will be minor.

A flower bed of old shoes

Old shoes can decorate holidaysite if it run for a while. Make holes in the soles of multicolored rubber boots, which can no longer be used for its intended purpose. Fill them with garden soil so that the shaft could plant flowers. Place the boots in a suitable location of the garden, for example, place them near the entrance to the house or near the bench, and they can be screwed to the fence or the wall of the barn.

If you have plans to hang the flower bed of the boot, first attach it to the desired location, and then fill with soil and plant flowers.

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It is easy to make with their own hands the originalcomposition of old textured shoe. Just think through the drainage system. You can make a hole in the sole, or at the junction with the top of the shoe and can be cut off the toe of the boot. Color matched shoes paint from a container and dry it. Pour into the boot fertile soil and plant flowers.

The compositions of snags or stumps

From beautiful driftwood, putting imagination, createunusual or figurines fairy-tale characters. If you need to make a snag resistant, dig a small hole, set in a snag them and fill with a mixture of sand and cement. When the solution dries, sprinkle the ground these places.

From nevykorchevannogo high stump suitablethe diameter of the street make a chair. Hollow in the middle of the stump so as to obtain the seat. Leave the low back and armrests. The backrest is easily made up if attach extra thick plank. On the seat, you can throw a small flat pillow.

To your home-made chair long preserved, cover the inside hollowed stump with oil paint or varnish Yachting.

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Crafts for garden of stones

Major river pebbles lay garden paths around the edges. Yet they can impose flower beds, creating a flowery composition.

For small drawing skills paint the river stones with acrylic paints. It is an exciting experience for children can be charged. Such works unusually decorate your garden plot.

Garden sculpture made of foam

Make merry Bun of foam. Take a hard rubber or plastic ball. Cover it several foam layers with intermediate drying. Sharp knife, smooth out the excess build-up, hand-made article giving the shape of a ball, cut Koloboks eyes and mouth. Round nose is also made of foam. When the sculpture is completely dry, paint the its oil-based paints or paints from spray cans.

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