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It should look like the teacher

How should look like a teacher

The ratio of students to teacher is largely dependent on its image.

Teachers are especially important to choose the right clothes, hairstyle and make-up for women also to create the appropriate image.

It should be understood that the image of the teacher often helps to create the necessary distance between him and the students.



The teacher should pay particular attention to the choicethe color of clothing range. Most preferred are the classic colors - black and white. You can also use the muted light and dark shades: cream, navy, chocolate, etc. Bright colors in this case are not very appropriate..


If the teacher is decorated with prints clothes, they should be stricter. Good fit fabric in a cage, strip and so on. But from the abstract ornaments, inscriptions and other fashionable options should be abandoned.


Teachers who want to wear fashionableclothes, is to give preference to products created on the basis of the classical style and complemented with modern elements. Thus in any case the image must be in moderation and strict at the same time elegant, without a hint of vulgarity.


The teacher should look confident,experienced, knowledgeable. This, of course, will contribute to the ability to stay in the community, impeccable manners. However, you can also use the matching accessories: stylish, strict sunglasses, watches, a stylish handbag or briefcase.


Hair teacher should be attractive. It is particularly important that it was him: according to psychologists, beautiful people who know how to emphasize the dignity of his appearance and hide flaws surrounding subconsciously perceived as successful, knowledgeable, confident.


According to the psychologists, "boring" teachercan destroy love child to the subject that he teaches, whereas a teacher who knows how to intrigue, to interest children and can inculcate in them a love of learning. This is especially true professionals who teach in elementary and middle school. The teacher should be interesting as a person and at the same time look attractive. Remember that people pay attention to a set of elements: for example, the disheveled hairstyle can destroy the good impression made elegant suit.

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