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The smallest breed of dog

The smallest breed of dog

Miniature dogs have gained a lot of admirers.

In the context of a city apartment to keep such a pet it is very convenient - it does not need a lot of space, and even a dog can train to go to the tray as a cat.

The most the tiny dogs on the planet are Chihuahuas.

History of the chihuahua

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Chihuahua - is the smallest breed of dog. Her adult representatives weigh three kilograms, and the smallest weighed no more than five hundred grams. These chips come from Mexico, where their ancestors were considered sacred animals of the Indians. It is believed that the modern breed was due to the crossing of its Mexican parent - Techichi Dog - Chinese Crested, who arrived in Central America in the Spanish ships, which have successfully exterminated the rats.
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In the XIX century among the wealthy European touristsIt became fashionable trip to Mexico. There are Europeans and drew attention to the locals who sold tiny dogs. After the first specimens appeared in the Old World and were presented to the public, they quickly gained popularity thanks to its small dimensions and pretty appearance. Since Chihuahuas provided themselves with more and more new fans.
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Chihuahua in Russia

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In Russia, Chihuahua appeared thanksCuban-Soviet friendship between the peoples. Fidel Castro personally presented to Nikita Khrushchev two dogs with excellent pedigree. Khrushchev's daughter gave the dogs a close family friend Eugenia Zharova (later she also gave Russian toy terrier). That Eugene was the first breeder of the breed in the USSR.
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Appearance is deceptive Chihuahua

Externally, the Chihuahua is very pretty. These tiny dogs, large expressive eyes and large, often covered with long fur ears. However, these tiny animals have an independent and rather grumpy character. They do not like children, and often become leaders in homes where there are other animals, subordinating larger counterparts. Chihuahua fast, energetic and graceful. Watching these dogs might get the impression that they are not aware of its dimensions. The animal is able to easily attack the cat or large dog. Chihuahua - loyal pet. They are very attached to their owners, but may be somewhat hostile to the guests, who are known bad. These dogs are perfectly suited to single people who spend much time at home. The dogs will be happy to accompany the owner, to sit on his lap while he read a book, sleep with him in the same bed.

The smallest Chihuahua

To date, the tiniest dogChihuahua is considered the Azerbaijani living in Puerto Rico. Because of certain diseases Milly stopped growing when she was a puppy. Today crumbs height is 9.65 cm, and weight - only 400 grams.

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