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SIMPLE way to make eyelashes more attractive


The easiest way to make eyelashes more attractive</a>

As is known, frequent use of mascara is strongHarms eyelashes - they become lighter, become more rare and unattractive. But in fact, to return the eyelashes the former appeal and even make them thicker and darker, expensive cosmetic means are not required.

All that we need, you can buy in any pharmacy, meeting the price of 100 rubles.

Not all by nature are given thick and dark eyelashes,And even if given, then from everyday use of mascara and means for removing make-up (even the most expensive) they inevitably deteriorate. But, fortunately, the proceeds always come from "grandmother's recipes" - they are easy to use, inexpensive and, most pleasantly, very effective. To "treat" the eyelashes will need only three ingredients:

- Castor oil-

- Burr oil-

- vitamin A (also in the form of oil).

In castor oil, add a few dropsBurdock oil and a few drops of vitamin A. Mix with a cotton swab. The resulting mixture is applied to mascara-cleansed eyelashes every night before going to bed. It is most convenient for me to apply the mixture with a cotton bud, but you can use an old brush from the carcass, although it will first have to be washed off for a long time and painfully. Do not apply too much oil, the right amount of eyelashes will absorb themselves. Particularly carefully I smear my eyelashes near the base. Attention: allergy may occur - redness and swelling in the morning. I did not have any allergies, although the skin is very sensitive.

Now the most interesting is the result! Already in the second week of everyday (!) Use of this simple mixture my eyelashes darkened, became more dense and began to twist up very nicely. But, what most pleased me, eyelashes became longer!

Like all folk recipes, this one does not giveInstantaneous result. You'll have to persistently apply oil every night (if suddenly you forget one or two days, the world, of course, will not collapse), but the result is worth it!

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