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Easy way to make eyelashes more attractive

A simple way to make eyelashes more attractive

As you know, the frequent use of heavily mascaraharm eyelashes - they brighten, become more rare and inconspicuous. But in fact, to restore lashes former attraction, and even make them thicker and darker, does not require expensive cosmetics.

All that we need, we can buy in any pharmacy, laid in 100 rubles.

Not all of nature are thick and dark eyelashes,and even if given, then from the everyday use of mascara and makeup remover (even the most expensive), they will inevitably deteriorate. But, fortunately, come to the rescue of always "grandmother recipes" - they are easy to use, inexpensive, and best of all, it is very effective. In order to "cure" the eyelashes need just three ingredients:

- Castor oil-

- Burr oil-

- Vitamin A (also an oil).

The castor oil is added a few drops ofburdock oil and a few drops Vitamin A. Mix with a cotton swab. The resulting mixture is applied to the cleaned mascara lashes every night before bed. I prefer to just apply the mixture with a cotton swab, but you can use an old brush from the carcass, although it will first have to wash long and painful. Do not apply too much oil, the right amount of lashes absorb themselves. Especially I thoroughly coat with lashes near the bottom. Warning: may be allergic - redness and swelling in the morning. I did not have allergies, although the skin is very sensitive.

Now the most interesting - the result! By the second week of daily (!) Use this simple mixture of my lashes were dark, become thicker and started to curl up very nicely. But what pleased me most of all, the eyelashes are longer!

Like all traditional recipes, this does notinstant results. It is necessary to persistently apply oil each night (by any chance one or two days, forget about them, the world is, of course, will not collapse), but the result is worth it!

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