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SIMPLE way to grow tomato seedlings


Seedlings in a film greenhouse always get excellent</a>

Growing tomato seedlings for a beginner in a garden business can be an impossible task.

Especially good seedlings are obtained in the conditions of a greenhouse.

If you do not have it, try the easiest way to grow seedlings - in the open ground under a film shelter.

You will need

  • - window sill
  • - flower pot
  • - primer for vegetable crops
  • - seeds of tomatoes
  • - Luminescent lamp
  • - film greenhouse
  • - polyethylene or spunbond for shelter



Sow the seeds of tomatoes in flower pots, cover the top with a sheet of paper and put it into a warm place.


After the emergence of seedlings, remove the paper. Pot with the shoots on the window sill. Strengthen the seedling over the lamp and provide plants with additional lighting from 6 to 8 am and from 18 to 21 hours in the evening. Do not forget to water the seedlings as the soil dries.


When 3-4 main leaves appear on the plants, cut the seedlings into the ground. The distance between the plants in the row should be at least 5 cm, between rows - about 10 cm.


Set over the sprouts a few arcs of metal rod. To ensure that the film does not sag or spoil the seedlings, the distance between the arcs should be small, 20-30 centimeters.


Throw a film on the improvised hotbed and fix it, so that it will not be torn by the wind. Do not forget to water the seedlings in a timely manner.


With the onset of heat, open the hotbed from the ends for ventilation, otherwise on a hot May day, seedlings may die from overheating.

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