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The simplest way to fight cellulite

Fighting cellulite

Cellulite gives a huge amount of discomfort. "Orange peel" does not allow to wear your favorite clothes, make complexes and constantly feel discomfort.

To deal with this problem quite easily, if to take measures in time.

As one of the main causes ofCellulite experts say poor diet. That is why the best way to fight against and prevention of "orange peel" is the observance of proper treatment and careful monitoring of the products used in the food. In addition, every day is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of fluid to normalize the metabolism and circulation.
The most common and effective ways to combat cellulite are wraps, massages and the use of special creams.
Wraps can be carried out without difficulty inhome. Such procedures can be "hot" and "cold." It is necessary to pay special attention to the presence of contraindications. If you have kidney disease, then apply cold packs can not be in any case, and in varicosity is better to refrain from hot procedures.
Hot wrap is as followsmanner. The beaker with the hot water dissolve teaspoon black pepper, four teaspoons cinnamon and the same amount of olive oil. The mixture is applied to separate areas of the body, which is then wrapped with cling film. Optionally, you can add an extra ingredient - an essential oil. The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes, after which the mixture is thoroughly washed.
Hot wrap is done on the basis of blue clay and essential oils. The mixture is also applied to the body and wrapped with cling film. After the procedure, the clay should be washed off with warm water.
Massage cellulite
Every day, for 15-20 minutes, do yourselfsimple massage. Stroking, pinch, rub the skin neat hand movements. Making such procedures better after a shower. Muscles during massage should be in a relaxed state. During the implementation of these actions should not use the cream. You can use a few drops of any essential oil if desired.
Anti-cellulite cream
In the selection of anti-cellulite cream pleaseattention to its composition. One of the most effective means of removing the "orange peel" is a kelp extract. Regular use of these creams will enable an accelerated pace to get rid of cellulite and adding skin elasticity.
Please note that the Anti-cellulite creamit is recommended to use only after exercise or after a massage. Only in this case the desired effect in a short time is achieved.

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