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The series "Sklifosovsky": what will happen in season 3

The series "Sklifosovsky": what will happen in season 3

In April 2014, the channel "Russia 1" pleased their audience showing a third season is quite rating series "Sklifosovsky."

In the center of the long-awaited continuation of the story ofdoctors and patients of the Institute of the notorious ambulance Sklifosovsky still extraordinary surgeon and part ironic cynic, womanizer and humorist Oleg Bragin (Maxim Averin).

New head physician

In the third season of the series characters rather waitmajor changes. After the departure of chief physician Zimenskoy (Marina Mogilevka) Institute returning former lover suddenly Bragin Marina Narochinskaya (Maria Kulikova). Her appearance is becoming a difficult challenge for Oleg, who became a family man. Everything else, Narochinskaya took the chair of the head physician.

Bragin and his women

A lot of shocking surprises in the third seasonBragin will present young wife - a nurse Lena (Nadezhda Gorelova). A talented surgeon will once again be faced with a difficult choice, especially when he realizes that his long-standing passion stormy personal life. Narochinskaya really happy with her new boyfriend Alexander (Sergey Zhigunov).

Family Pastukhov

In Pastukhov in the third season will also not allsmooth. The world in this family shake displacement Peter (Dmitry Miller) from the post of head of the surgical department. In his place Narochinskaya invite experienced specialist Irina Pavlova (Elena Yakovleva). Its share will fall is not an easy task - to calm the raging permanent jobs involving all hands and surprises the world of the emergency department.

In addition, the personal relationship Pauline (OlgaPavlovets) and Peter also worsen. After the baby Pauline can no longer condone excessive childishness of her husband at home.


Doctor Salam (Anton Eldarov) in the third seasonwaiting for real adult life with his new girlfriend. Naive Dagestani guy had no idea how difficult it is to keep the peace with the girl who was brought up on a completely different life values.


Constantine (Vladimir Stallions) in the third season will have to make a choice between work wear for a penny in Sklife measured and secured life.

series creators promise that the third season will be no less interesting than the previous two. Its directed by Julia Krasnov.

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