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Seedlings trees

As seedlings of trees

Trees are seated in early spring or late fall.

If the spring, after the snow melt, but before bud swell.

If you fall, then after the foliage of opal, but before the first frost.

Plants can not be transplanted in the period of active growth, which lasts from late April to mid-July.



In the active growing season seatTrees should not be for a simple reason: plants evaporate water through the leaves, and getting it through the root system. When transplanting root system in any way compromised, and leaves will continue to evaporate the same amount of water as before the transplant. As a result - dehydration plants.


The root system is necessary for the transplant to preserve. The larger lump of earth with roots, you dig, the more likely it is not to lose the tree. But all reasonable limits, of course.


If at the time of transplanting in the autumn on a tree is still preserved leaves, tear off her - she is superfluous, and will do more harm for the reason stated above.


When transplanting trees should be strictlyoriented to the cardinal points the same as they were growing up in the same place. Transplanted trees can be a bare root system, but in this case, the time spent in the air roots should be minimal, so that the roots do not have time to dry.


Transporting prepared to transplant trees if their root system is deprived of the protection of an earthen clod, should wet a linen rag. But as quickly as possible.


When choosing a place for planting a tree, you should take into account the peculiarities of transplanted trees. Deciduous trees can not tolerate shade, while the coniferous trees in the shadows feel fine.

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