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How to plant trees


How to plant trees</a>

Trees are planted in early spring or late autumn.

If in the spring, then after melting snow, but before the buds swelling.

If in the fall, then after the foliage is opal, but before the first frost.

Plants can not be transplanted during a period of active growth, which lasts from late April to mid-July.



Seated in an active vegetative periodTrees can not be for one simple reason: plants evaporate water through foliage, but get it through the root system. When transplanting, the root system will in any case be disturbed, and foliage will still evaporate the same amount of water as before the transplant. The result is dehydration of the plant.


Root system during transplantation should be kept as much as possible. The larger the clod of earth together with the roots you dig out, the greater the likelihood of not losing the tree. But everything is reasonable, of course.


If at the moment of transplantation in the autumn period on the tree there are still foliage, tear off it - it is superfluous, and will bring more harm for the above reason.


When transplanting trees should be strictlyOrientate to the sides of the world in the same way as they grew in the same place. You can transplant the trees with a bare root system, but in this case, the time of finding the roots in the air should be minimal, so that the roots do not have time to dry.


To transport trees prepared for transplantation, if their root system is deprived of protection of an earth coma, it should be in a wet linen rag. But as quickly as possible.


Choosing a place for tree planting, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the transplanted trees. Deciduous trees do not tolerate the shadow, while coniferous trees in the shade feel fine.

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