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Petunia seedlings

Petunia seedlings

Petunia - the rich variety of colors flowers genus.

It looks great both on the facades of the balcony, and the beds and in parks.

By their nature, petunia - a perennial plant, but our climate winter in the open field can not.

Therefore, in the middle of the summer kindly peeled stalks liked plants.

So Petunia easier to transfer the winter indoors.

You will need

  • - Secateurs or a sharp knife
  • - Capacity (flower pot)
  • - ground



With a sharp knife or shears to cut the stalktwo nodes of a flowering bush. Slice treat with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or special preparation "Kornevin" (rooting stimulant). Tear off the buds (flowers).


Sharing plant in well-moistened earth to a depth of 2-2.5 cm. Containers (flower pots) put in a dark place. After 2-4 weeks the cuttings will root.


In the winter, place the plant in a bright room with a temperature regime of 10-15 degrees. Perfect location - a window sill.


Pour petunia moderately. Once a month, the plants should be fed by nitrogen-containing fertilizers.


After you cut the required number ofcuttings from the base of the bush, its Feed the complex fertilizer. After some time on it, a new growth, and you can make cuttings again. So you can with a mature bush to collect up to 150 cuttings for further seating.

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