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How to plant grapes


The distance between the vines is determined by the productivity of the variety</a>

In the southern latitudes, many gardeners are fond of growing grapes. This occupation requires certain knowledge in the field of proper seeding of the vine and proper care of the seedlings.

On this depends the quality and quantity of the harvest, as well as the health of your vineyard.



Try to plant the vines in rows onA distance of two meters from each other, and between the rows the gap should be three meters. This arrangement will be acceptable if you have a good source of water, for example, a pond near the site. Thus, if you want to plant 4,000 square meters of grapes, with this calculation of space you can plant about 650 vines. Close to each other plant only those vineyards that have to grow in a particularly cold and extreme environment.


If you plant grapes in a hot area,In which you can not always find the source of water, plant one vine for 9 square meters, if you expect to get a full harvest. For areas in which soil and atmosphere moisture is optimal, it is sufficient to observe a distance of two and a half meters between the rows and between the vines in the rows. Always provide enough food for the roots of vineyards, which do not receive enough water and nutrients.


You can calculate the size of your vineyard, based on the amount Grapes, Which gives an adult vine when harvesting. If the vine gives at least two to three kilograms Grapes, Plant vines at a distance of 1.8 m from each otherFriend. In other cases, do not reduce the distance between the rows and do not make it less than three meters, so that each vine receives enough nutrients. Depending on the area of ​​the land, determine what form your vineyard will acquire at a similar planting.

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