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Grape seedlings

The distance between the vines is defined yield varieties

In southern latitudes, many gardeners are fond of growing grapes. This activity requires some knowledge of the correct seating of the vine and the proper care of seedlings.

On this depends the quality and quantity of harvest, as well as the health of your vineyard.



Try to sit on rows of vinesa distance of two meters from each other, and the interval between the rows must be three meters. This variant of seating is acceptable, if you have available a good source of water, such as near the site of the pond. Thus, if you want to plant grapes of 4000 square meters, in this calculation of the space you can put about 650 vines. Close to each other Planted only those vineyards that have to grow up in a particularly cold and extreme environments.


If you planted grapes in a hot area,which is not always possible to find a source of water, plant a vine 9 square meters, if you expect to get a good harvest. For areas in which the soil moisture and the atmosphere is the best, it is sufficient to comply with a distance of two and a half meters between rows and between vines in rows. Always provide enough power vineyards roots, which receive less water and nutrients.


You can calculate the size of its vineyard, based on the number grapesWhich gives the adult vine at harvest. If the vine gives at least two to three kilograms grapes, Vines are seated at a distance of 1.8 m from eachother. In other cases, do not reduce the distance between the rows and do not do it at least three meters to each vine gets enough nutrients. Depending on the area of ​​land, determine what form will become your vineyard at this landing.

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