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The secret to a happy life

The secret to a happy life

The concept of "happiness", each person puts something of his own, highly personal. Therefore, the general, universal rules, and what to do to make life happy, no.

However, many people, answering the question "What is the secret of a happy life?", Point to the need to observe a few simple but very important principles.

How to be happy

Doing things you love and look at lifeeasier. Try the end of the school to clearly define what you have is the soul, and it is this lesson, choose their profession. Otherwise, if you choose an occupation on the calculation, for reasons of prestige, material gain, or persuaded by relatives and friends, with a probability of 99% then you will experience a rude awakening.

Of course, parents need to view and listen carefully, and material well-being plays an important role. But the most important factor in choosing a profession should be your desire.

Do not try to "grasp the immensity ', soberlyassess their capabilities. It is better to reach a modest but real success than wipe the case that you are not clearly on the shoulder, and ultimately disappointed.
No one and never jealous. Learn to be content with what you have. And if you want to improve your well-being, to climb the ladder, do not turn it into obsession. And, of course, do not resort to dishonest methods!
Learn how to get joy from the simple and natural things that surround you: good weather, beautiful flower, a child smile. Do not be a dark and gloomy, chase away gloomy thoughts.

Unfortunately, many people are beginning to understand such a simple thing, but when they begin serious health problems.

To protect your health and avoidstupid and unnecessary risk, bad habits, engage in physical exercise, sports possible. Remember that health - a priceless treasure that can not be bought for any money.

Relationship with others and the secrets of a happy life

Treat people the way you would like them toThey treat you. This biblical commandment to become your "guiding light". Always be polite and friendly, even when dealing with people who for some reason you uncomfortable. If possible, do not refuse help or advice and do not ask anything in return.
Choose your trusted friends who are notfail and will not betray. And they themselves also try to become a good friend. Carefully choose a life partner, because a good, loving and faithful partner - the real happiness! Generously give to him the tenderness, affection and care. If you have children, try to give them everything that you would expect from a loving and wise parent. After all, happy children make any normal person.

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