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What is the secret of a happy life?


What is the secret of a happy life?</a>

In the concept of "happiness" each person puts something of his own, purely personal. Therefore, there are no common, universal rules, what should be done and how to make life happy.

However, many people, answering the question "What is the secret of a happy life?", Indicate the need to comply with some simple but very important principles.

How to become happy

Do your favorite thing and look at lifeeasier. Try to determine at the end of schooling how you feel about your soul, and it's this occupation that you choose to be your profession. Otherwise, if you choose the kind of occupation for calculation, for reasons of prestige, material gain, or yielding to the persuasions of relatives and friends, with a probability of 99% you will then experience a bitter disappointment.

Of course, the parents' opinion should be carefully listened to, and material well-being plays a big role. But the main factor in choosing a profession should be your desire.

Do not try to "grasp the immensity", soberlyEvaluate your opportunities. It is better to achieve a modest but real success than to aim at a business that you clearly do not care about, and in the end to experience disappointment.
Do not ever envy anyone. Be able to be content with what you have. And if you want to improve your well-being, go up the career ladder, do not turn it into an idea of ​​fix. And, of course, do not resort to dishonorable methods!
Learn to receive joy from the simplest and natural things that surround you: good weather, a beautiful flower, a smile of a child. Do not be gloomy and gloomy, drive away sad thoughts.

Unfortunately, many people begin to understand such a simple thing only when they start serious health problems.

Take care of your health, avoidStupid and unnecessary risk, bad habits, if possible, engage in physical culture, sports. Remember that health is an invaluable treasure that you can not buy for any money.

Attitude to others and the secrets of a happy life

Treat people as you would like them toTreated you. This biblical commandment should become your "guiding star". Be always polite and friendly, even talking with people who somehow dislike you. If possible, do not refuse help or advice and do not ask for anything in return.
Choose your reliable friends who do notWill fail and not betray. And you too, try to become a good friend. Carefully choose a life partner, because a good, loving and devoted partner is a real happiness! Generously give him your tenderness, affection and care. If you have children, try to give them everything you can expect from a loving and intelligent parent. After all, children make any normal person happy.

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