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The second life of cut tulips

The second life of cut tulips

The spring in the garden.

The first to open our season blooming bulbs planted in the fall with such care.

Working in the garden, as usual, we have no time enough to admire flowers, bouquets, and we do, and we carry them home.

Bouquet of roses will delight you with its spectacular views, inspire and give a good mood when you make a flower that is necessary to prolong their lives.

  • Cut flowers in the morning or evening. Do not do it in the rain or after watering, as well as in hot weather. This truncation will bring nothing but grief. Because of the heat the flowers lose moisture rapidly, and in wet weather - the port from moisture.
  • Use different knives sharp as cutTulips one knife is not allowed. When the vase life with juice transmitted viral disease and you will infect your collection. It is better to break the stalks, then cut the ends of the stems.
  • Spend Cut tulips when the buds are painted completely or only beginning to open, showing its true color.
  • Do not cut all the leaves, consider that the bulb is also alive, she needs to accumulate power for future winter.
  • When the bear bouquet, flowers do not hold the head down, because of the stem juice flows
  • Housing stems immersed in water at room temperature and then cut with a sharp knife update. The water temperature should be no lower than 7-8oS.
  • The water in the vase is better to change every day, updating slices with a knife. In the water you can add a little sugar or aspirin.
  • Do not put in a vase for tulips other colors. Especially daffodils, which is isolated from the stems of milky juice. Daffodils Tulips simply poisoned their mucous secretions. This applies to the lily of the valley and forget-me.

With the right preparation tulips can stand in water for 5 to 10 days.

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