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The role of motivation in learning English


Learning a language begins with letters</a>

A sincere desire to benefit from any business today is indicated by the fashionable word "motivation". Not always at the same time understand what is really hidden under this or that case.

And how important is the "motivation" in order, for example, to learn a foreign language.

About motivation write books, read lectures, evenRemove motivational films. And, really, without motivation it is difficult to imagine the fulfillment of any business. To start, you need a reason, to continue the stimulus, to complete - the meaning. If you talk scientifically, then motivation is some sense of your activity. Sense to build a tree, give birth to a house, put a son or ... learn a foreign language. And in the latter case it is most difficult, because not always "motivation" is understood and applied correctly.

Why and how people learn a foreign language

People who study a foreign language consider itSomething like a useful acquisition, knowledge, helping in later life. Someone wants to travel, communicate with foreigners, learn something new. Another language is needed for reading books, correspondence on the Internet or social networks. Still others make the study of language the meaning of life and become linguists. Everyone has their own reasons.

No matter what you study English, it is important that it will be difficult.

And most often English is taught. Beginners register for courses, acquire thick dictionaries, try to communicate with foreigners. At the beginning of this glorious path, motivation plays a very significant role. "Pupils" have seen enough motivating films, read articles on how to simply learn English, collected many techniques and just useful literature. They are enthusiastic and full of energy. Ready to roll if not mountains, then very large hills.

But in fact it happens ...

The first elements are passed, the alphabet with phonetics is learned,Even accumulated a certain vocabulary. And here…. It turns out that in English there are many grammatical rules. The novice, if he is motivated, rests his forehead against a granite wall and gnaws through it to ... See behind her a steel wall of even greater thickness - already exceptions from grammatical rules. And there are only few irregular verbs, hundreds.
But the persistent student overcomes this. And then they give him dialogues, and then the topics, and here are also unexpected discoveries that, in addition to the above-mentioned correct verbs and wrong, there are correctly-wrong. And that the uncountable nouns must always be written in the singular. But not when you talk about different types of the same substance, and then already in the plural.
And the omission of the lessons begins, and the neophyte sneaks away from doing homework, and is engaged in the most notorious procrastination with a promise to himself: "Tomorrow I'll definitely learn!".

Correct and Wrong Motivation

As can be seen from these examples, motivationMotivation is different. In one case, it is akin to the first gust of wind. When I want to cover as much as possible in as little time as possible. And when difficulties begin, the mood disappears.

Proper motivation has right serious goals. Without this, any business will quickly come to naught.

Another option is better when the even flame of yourDesire burns constantly and day by day illuminates the path to knowledge. If you move away from metaphors, then for proper motivation, you must follow certain rules:
Decide for yourself whether you really want to learn English or simply succumbed to a momentary desire.
Do not believe the advertisement about the miraculous fast way. You will find it difficult, boring, boring, uninteresting, long - but you will learn the language. There are no fast ways to the goal.
In the right motivation there is always a seriousSpecific goal. To learn a language for the sake of the fact that someday you will go abroad is not serious. It is better if you teach it in order to read the books of foreign authors in the original. This is real and achievable. Or you need to get a promotion at work, and without knowledge of the language this is unrealistic. Also good.
A genuine interest in cognition. In the study of language he plays a huge role. In addition to a couple of hours a week of compulsory studies, your whole life will turn into comprehension of English. You'll catch yourself thinking "how can I say this?" And how to translate this inscription? ". The language will surround you everywhere, and you will be able to learn it.
Therefore, the motivation to learn English is important, but only correct. Otherwise, your fuse will last for a while.

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