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The right to choose an angle grinder

Selection Rules angle grinder

When the repair and construction work is often necessary to use angle grinders, called colloquially "grinder."

So convenient tool to remove traces of rust, remove the old paint, cutting a variety of materials.

To machine properly perform its functions, it is necessary to choose correctly.


Known almost every handyman"Bulgarian" is called the angle grinder from the fact that its operating shaft is at right angles to the plane of the engine, not because such a convenient tool to handle complex angles. These technical systems are divided into several types, differing in functionality and purpose. Traditional hand "Bulgarian" - only one of the common power tools of this family.

Angle grinders are used with success forcutting and processing of metal parts, grinding and finer polishing surfaces. Certain types of cut-off wheels make it possible to cut the stone, brick, ceramic tile and other hard materials. Grinding machines can be removed and the metal defects: smooth weld seams and nodules, clean the rust and so on.

The addition of a wire brush will make it possible to quickly and easily clean off surfaces with different old varnish and paint.

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One of the major performance cornergrinder - power consumption by it. High rates typical for professional tool, which is not very hot, and allows the use of much larger diameter nozzle. This is important in the production of complex work, because the larger the diameter of the blade, the deeper incision machine performs.

Grinder: home or professional?

The first question that arises when choosingGrinders: which model is preferred - home or professional? This should reflect the goals that you are pursuing, as well as the need for such an instrument.

Household angle grinders oftennot regularly used, but only as needed. They do not have too much power and relatively low speed. Performance of household tools are not very high, but after a brief operation of such a machine needs at least 15 minutes of rest.

Work household grinder can be no more than 3-4 hours a day.

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By virtue of domestic type machines can be attributedtheir reasonable price, compactness and lightness. But the number of additional household machine functions are limited. But if you plan to use corner sander only for simple work at the cottage or at home, this will be the best power and the best choice.

For continuous operation over a prolongedtime you need a professional model. The design of this grinder allows for maximum performance requirements. Professional tool has a larger capacity and weight, as well as more significant different dimensions. The reliability of this type of machine components is significantly higher and the number of functions is varied.

Quality materials used in the manufacture of professional grinders, allow to use them for the hard work in shifts.

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Types of grinders: features selection

In the production of construction and finishing workswidely used a few specific types of angle grinders: belt, vibration, eccentric. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the area of ​​application.

Belt Sanders gives the ability to producerough grinding quite flat surfaces. They are frequently used in interior decoration, when it is required to process large area flat surfaces. Differ tape drives is very high performance, but not too high quality products of processing. Scope of this machine: the removal of old coatings, grinding proshpaklevat surfaces, processing of window frames and doors.

Grinding machine vibration typeintended for fine finishing and polishing of flat surfaces. They are well grind metal, plastic, wood, and some composite materials. Machines of this type have a sole rectangular reciprocating motion of small amplitude. Some species make it possible to handle the hard to reach places, such as small parts of furniture, door frames and stair railings.

Eccentric grinders have at theirpart of a special cam that allows the working of the device at the same time to make a reciprocating and circular movements. From other types of machines such models have a higher efficiency surface treatment. Best results show eccentric machine for curved surfaces and finish grinding. Additional convenience machine attaches a device to remove dust.

Consider when choosing what to grindplastic products are more suitable it is eccentric machines or vibrating device type, set on low speed. A small number of turns to be applied and finish painted surface, which is very sensitive to high temperatures.

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